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Post War Dreams Achievements

Full list of Post War Dreams achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Post War Dreams has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Saving Emma Saving Emma 0 One gas mask at a time, saving the world 50
Militia Slayer Militia Slayer 0 One member at a time, making the world a better place 50
Helping Kara Helping Kara 0 One Injured at a time, making her happy 50
Nolan the gatekeeper Nolan the gatekeeper 0 One turret at a time, demoralizing the enemy 50
Jeffrey's memories Jeffrey's memories 0 One tablet at a time, refreshment of the past 100
Worrying mother Worrying mother 0 One son, one departure, one piece of sorrow 50
Rebellious son Rebellious son 0 One mother, one escape, one barren future 50
Tesla's Legacy Tesla's Legacy 0 The world is one big piece of conduit 100
Farming neverland Farming neverland 0 The new world has better crops, tastes flesh 50
Blockade Blockade 0 Prevent my progress twice, I'll respect you more 50
Engineering Engineering 0 Reversal of misfortune and circuits 50
InFlux InFlux 0 Need for power cables never ends, even after world is destroyed 50
Newsflash Newsflash 0 Nobody needs news networks anymore, now that the world is destroyed 50
Thinking man Thinking man 0 Nobody needs walls of texts anymore, now that the whole walls have collapsed 50
Hopelessness Hopelessness 0 A cocktail of nihilism along with barren desert sands 50
Running man Running man 0 Nobody will take your breath away anymore, you don't need to use it wisely 150