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Risk Of Rain Achievements

Full list of Risk Of Rain achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Risk Of Rain has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Lizard Bait Lizard Bait 0 Defeat 20 lemurians in one playthrough. 50
The Lone Survivor The Lone Survivor 0 Survive 40 minutes. 150
Sole Survivor Sole Survivor 0 Die 50 times. 50
Night Night Night Night 0 Kill a boss with "Lights Out." 50
Master Hunter Master Hunter 0 Kill the Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant, and Colossus. 50
Better Luck Next Time Better Luck Next Time 0 Fail a shrine 3 times in a row. 50
Lucky Devil Lucky Devil 0 Pass a shrine 4 times in a row. 50
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers 0 Find the bloated survivor. 50
You Won't Regret It You Won't Regret It 0 Find the robot janitor. 50
Seasoned Wanderer Seasoned Wanderer 0 Collect 15 Monster Logs. 75
Diamond Casket Diamond Casket 0 Bank 20,000 gold. 75
Don't Mind If I Do Don't Mind If I Do 0 Unlock a golden chest with the Explorer's Key. 75
Endless Voyager Endless Voyager 0 Collect 4 Keycards. 75
Sleepin' With The.. Sleepin' With The.. 0 Drown 20 Whorls. 75
Macho Macho 0 Deal 5000 damage in one shot. 75