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Trials Rising - Crash & Sunburn Achievements

Find all the Trials Rising - Crash & Sunburn achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 9 achievements with a total of 110 points.

Star of the Southern Hemisphere Star of the Southern Hemisphere 0 Beat all the Stadium Finals in Crash & Sunburn 30
Long Lost Gold Long Lost Gold 0 Get a Gold medal or better in all the career tracks from Crash & Sunburn, including Extreme 10

Secret Achievements

Diamond of the Sun Diamond of the Sun 0 Get your first Diamond medal on any Crash & Sunburn track 10
Upside Down Squirrel Upside Down Squirrel 0 Find all 18 Squirrel collectibles in the Crash & Sunburn tracks 10
Extraterrestrial Tourist Extraterrestrial Tourist 0 Make your way to outer space. 10
Crystal Crasher Crystal Crasher 0 Explore the crystal cave in Sustainable Mining. 10
Leave No Trace Leave No Trace 0 Break into the top secret lab in On The Ice. 10
That Belongs in a Museum! That Belongs in a Museum! 0 Grab the Golden Idol in Amazon Warrior. 10
Platinum Deposit Platinum Deposit 0 Get Platinum medal on every continent 10

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