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Rebel Cops Achievements

Find all the Rebel Cops achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Public Servant Public Servant 0 Complete all the extra jobs in the game 70
Raining Money Raining Money 0 Buy everything in the store 20
Folk Hero Folk Hero 0 Max out your Street Cred 40
Outcast Outcast 0 Achieve the minimum Street Cred 20
Robin Hood Robin Hood 0 Give 50% of your income to the citizens 20
Scrooge Scrooge 0 Don't give the citizens a single penny 10
Three Musketeers Three Musketeers 0 Complete all missions in one play-through with no more than three cops 70
Arrest 101 Arrest 101 0 Arrest 101 criminals 20
Deep Pockets Deep Pockets 0 Expand your cops' inventory 20
Т-800 Т-800 0 Wound 20 criminals in the leg 20
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing 0 Complete any mission with one cop 50
10 out of 10 10 out of 10 0 Raise one of your cops to level 10 20
Ultimate Argument Ultimate Argument 0 Use "Shock and Awe" three times in a single play-through 20
Skipping Steps Skipping Steps 0 Raise a cop two levels in a single mission 20
A Rebel’s Life A Rebel’s Life 0 Complete the game on Normal Mode 50
Life Is Beautiful Life Is Beautiful 0 Complete the game on Relaxed Mode 20
Safe Investment Safe Investment 0 Prevent a bank robbery with all your cops intact 20
Photo Enthusiast Photo Enthusiast 0 Agree to help the owner of the photo studio for free 20
A Shot Of Justice A Shot Of Justice 0 Drive the criminals from the photo studio 20
Protector Of The Lens Protector Of The Lens 0 Protect the photo studio from a criminal assault 20
Justice Machine Justice Machine 0 Complete the game on Hard Mode 100

Secret Achievements

JackPot JackPot 0 Fulfill an extra job to help catch Warren Nash 20
Red Light Red Light 0 Complete the "Railway Station" mission 20
Blood in the Sandbox Blood in the Sandbox 0 Complete the "Estate" mission 50
Made In Abyss: Season 2 Made In Abyss: Season 2 0 Complete the "Big Rift" mission 20
Tempted By Neptune Tempted By Neptune 0 Complete the "Bookstore" mission 20
Horse Whisperer Horse Whisperer 0 Complete the "Construction Site" mission 20
Non-Flying Weather Non-Flying Weather 0 Complete the "Airport" mission 20
Bury The Hatchet Bury The Hatchet 0 Complete the "Mine" mission 20
The Final Sale The Final Sale 0 Complete the “DDM” mission 50
For Whom The Bell Tolls For Whom The Bell Tolls 0 Complete the "Colors of Life Commune" 50
Hopeless Gambler Hopeless Gambler 0 Complete the "Casino" mission 20
A Cure For Madness A Cure For Madness 0 Complete the “Mansion” mission 20