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Munchkin: Quacked Quest Achievements

Find all the Munchkin: Quacked Quest achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Destroyer of Stuff Destroyer of Stuff 0 Kill 1000 monsters 85
Clutterphobic Clutterphobic 0 Destroy 100 pieces of furniture 20
That's mine! That's mine! 0 Tackle 25 fellow Munchkins 20
L33t skillz L33t skillz 0 Win a game without any loot equipped! 85
Dragon Syndrome Dragon Syndrome 0 Gain more than 1500 gold by selling loot during a Dungeon run 85
Where's the fun in that! Where's the fun in that! 0 Finish a trap layout without taking any damage from traps 30
Tightrope walker Tightrope walker 0 Finish a pit layout without falling into a pit 30
Doppleganger Doppleganger 0 Change your race [4] times during a Dungeon run 20
Slow-motion bullet dodger Slow-motion bullet dodger 0 Finish a room without taking any damage 30
Last Munchkin Standing Last Munchkin Standing 0 Be the only one alive in a room 20
Oh, shiny! Oh, shiny! 0 Unlock your first card 20
One of each, please One of each, please 0 Use every consumable in the game 30
True Munchkin True Munchkin 0 Equip every loot slot during a single Dungeon run 20
Classy Classy 0 Activate each class ability at least once 30
Hot stuff coming through! Hot stuff coming through! 0 Kill 25 enemies by pushing them into a pit 20
Need my personal space Need my personal space 0 Shield bash at least 50 Monsters 20
Oops, sorry! Oops, sorry! 0 Kill 25 fellow Munchkins by pushing them into a pit 20
The road to completion The road to completion 0 Unlock half of the cards 30
Wanna see all my foiled cards? Wanna see all my foiled cards? 0 Unlock all the cards 85
EPIC GAME! EPIC GAME! 0 Play a Full Epic card dungeon 85
Biggest bath in the World Biggest bath in the World 0 Grab 50 ducks 30
The Zookeeper The Zookeeper 0 Feed the Pit at least 25 times 30
Now you get it! Now you get it! 0 Win your first game 20
Trial Addict Trial Addict 0 Use every type of weapon in a single Dungeon run 30
Training wheels OFF Training wheels OFF 0 Kill your first Boss 20
Vanquisher of Large Foes Vanquisher of Large Foes 0 Kill the [4] bosses 85