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Tamashii Achievements

Find all the Tamashii achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Welcome Welcome 0 Enter the corrupted temple 10
Assiah Assiah 0 Enter on the Assiah lair 15
Fire Fire 0 Get the Fire stone 30
Atziluth Atziluth 0 Enter on the Atziluth lair 15
Beriah Beriah 0 Enter on the Beriah lair 15
Yetzirah Yetzirah 0 Enter on the Yetzirah lair 15
Earth Earth 0 Get the Earth stone 30
Air Air 0 Get the wind stone 30
Kether Kether 0 Enter in the Kether lair 15
Impossible Impossible 0 Be persistent 15
Ouroboros Ouroboros 0 Experience infinity 90
Water Water 0 Get the Water stone 30
Hanging man Hanging man 0 Find the hanging man 90
Secret quote Secret quote 0 Find your first secret quote from "VK" 90
Baby Killer Baby Killer 0 Find the secret room 90
Secret Code Secret Code 0 Find the secret code 90
Below the statue Below the statue 0 Survive against the secret Guardian 90
The Red Star The Red Star 0 Is this star "unreachable"? 30
Somebody's Watching Me Somebody's Watching Me 0 Watch a livestream 30
SPAM SPAM 0 Close all windows 30
Master of Assiah Master of Assiah 0 Achieve more than 1500 points on Assiah 30
Master of Atziluth Master of Atziluth 0 Achieve more than 1000 points on Atziluth 30
Master of Beriah Master of Beriah 0 Achieve more than 1500 points on Beriah 30
Master of Yetzirah Master of Yetzirah 0 Achieve more than 1500 point on Yetzirah 30
Master of Kether Master of Kether 0 Achieve more than 666 points on Kether 30