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Overland Achievements

Find all the Overland achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Proclamations Proclamations 0 Travel 1000 miles in one trip. 10
Milestones Milestones 0 Travel 2000 miles in one trip. 20
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Clear a biome without killing anything. 20
Fill It With Dogs Fill It With Dogs 0 Drive out in a van. 10
Compensating Compensating 0 Drive out in a truck. 10
A Strong Choice A Strong Choice 0 Drive out in an SUV. 10
Bartery Bartery 0 Trade items with a camp. 10
Burglary Burglary 0 Steal items from a camp. 10
Fumes Fumes 0 Clear a biome without going over five fuel. 20
The Long Haul The Long Haul 0 Complete the game in one trip. 20
Dog Squad Dog Squad 0 Complete the game without inviting any humans. 50
The Lonely Road The Lonely Road 0 Complete the game without inviting anyone. 50
A Dependable Car A Dependable Car 0 Complete the game with your starting car. 20
Perseverance Perseverance 0 Complete the game with your first character. 20
Garbage Collector Garbage Collector 0 Collect every item. 20
Zoologist Zoologist 0 Find every creature. 20
It Begins It Begins 0 Complete the introduction. 10
City Limits City Limits 0 Clear the East Coast blockade. 10
The Last Campfire The Last Campfire 0 Reach the beach. 50
Out of The Woods Out of The Woods 0 Clear the Woodlands blockade. 10

Secret Achievements

New Best Friend New Best Friend 0 Invite a dog to join your party. 10
Important Important 0 Give a dog some nice pats. 10
Out of Gas Out of Gas 0 Escape an Out of Gas scenario. 10
Life Saver Life Saver 0 Revive a survivor. 10
Ambushed Ambushed 0 I mean, we all have regrets. 10
Overprepared Overprepared 0 Put every equipment on one person. 20
Adequately Prepared Adequately Prepared 0 Put every attachment onto one vehicle. 20
Countdown Countdown 0 Complete the game with Countdown enabled. 50
East Coast Expert East Coast Expert 0 Escape the East Coast without losing anyone. 20
Woodlands Expert Woodlands Expert 0 Escape the Woodlands without losing anyone. 10
Woodlands Overlook Woodlands Overlook 0 Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Woodlands. 10
Woodlands Landmark Woodlands Landmark 0 Discover the Woodlands Landmark site. 20
Through The Plains Through The Plains 0 Clear the Grasslands blockade. 10
Grasslands Expert Grasslands Expert 0 Escape the Grasslands without losing anyone. 20
Grasslands Overlook Grasslands Overlook 0 Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Grasslands. 10
Grasslands Landmark Grasslands Landmark 0 Discover the Grasslands Landmark site. 20
Over The Mountains Over The Mountains 0 Clear the Mountains blockade. 10
Mountains Expert Mountains Expert 0 Escape the Mountains without losing anyone. 20
Mountains Overlook Mountains Overlook 0 Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Mountains. 10
Mountains Landmark Mountains Landmark 0 Discover the Mountains Landmark site. 20
Across The Desert Across The Desert 0 Clear the Desert blockade. 20
Desert Expert Desert Expert 0 Escape the Desert without losing anyone. 50
Desert Overlook Desert Overlook 0 Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Desert. 20
Desert Landmark Desert Landmark 0 Discover the Desert Landmark site. 50
The End of The World The End of The World 0 Clear the Basin blockade. 20
Basin Expert Basin Expert 0 Escape the Basin without losing anyone. 50
Basin Overlook Basin Overlook 0 Discover a Scenic Overlook in the Basin. 20
Basin Landmark Basin Landmark 0 Discover the Basin Landmark site. 50