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Valfaris Achievements

Full list of Valfaris achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Valfaris has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Trash Compactor Trash Compactor 0 Defeated the Junk Gargoyle. 10
Just Another Bug Hunt Just Another Bug Hunt 0 Defeated the Bloodstalker Queen. 10
Rust In Peace Rust In Peace 0 Defeated the Exterminator. 10
Gelatinous Splatimous Gelatinous Splatimous 0 Defeated Lord Jylskel. 10
Blood Brothers Blood Brothers 0 Defeated Itnan. 25
Heavy Metal Heavy Metal 0 Defeated the Ironclad Desolator. 30
Hammer Of The Gods Hammer Of The Gods 0 Defeated Furrok. 40
Son Of Valfaris Son Of Valfaris 0 Defeated Hydravok. 70
Get Used To It Get Used To It 0 You died. Great job. 1
Slain! Slain! 0 You died, a lot. 50 times... 9
Crate Worse Than Death Crate Worse Than Death 0 Destroyed 60 crates in a single playthrough. 10
Bringer Of Darkness Bringer Of Darkness 0 Destroyed 70 lights in a single playthrough. 15
Take Them Down Take Them Down 0 Slashed and destroyed 40 projectiles in a single playthrough. 15
Here Comes Revenge Here Comes Revenge 0 Hit an enemy with a Shield Counter-Blast 25 times in a single playthrough. 30
Be Quick Or Be Dead Be Quick Or Be Dead 0 Parry an enemy melee attack 15 times in a single playthrough. 40
Megadeath Megadeath 0 Killed 1000 enemies in a single playthrough. 30
Risk Versus Reward Risk Versus Reward 0 Exchanged 15 Resurrection Idols for Blood Metals in a single playthrough. 30
I Seek Power I Seek Power 0 Upgraded a weapon for the first time. 10
Breadth Over Depth Breadth Over Depth 0 Upgraded 10 different weapons at least once in a single playthrough. 30
Hand Cannon Hand Cannon 0 Fully upgraded a pistol weapon. 30
Powerslave Powerslave 0 Fully upgraded a destroyer weapon. 30
Forged From Blood Forged From Blood 0 Fully upgrade a melee weapon. 30
That’ll Leave a Mark That’ll Leave a Mark 0 Drop the wrecking ball on the Junk Gargoyle. 15
Eight Worms A-Leaping Eight Worms A-Leaping 0 Kill all 8 leaping Swamp Worms in the Eco-Dome. 15
Right Back ‘Atcha Right Back ‘Atcha 0 Kill 10 Hive Workers by reflecting their gunk balls back at them in a single life. 15
Sparks Will Fly Sparks Will Fly 0 Destroyed all 9 Tetra Sentries in the Power Chambers in a single life. 30
Giddy Up! Giddy Up! 0 Motivated a Stone Worm in the Worm Tunnels 10 times during a single ride. 15
Coup De Grace Coup De Grace 0 Killed Furrok by delivering the final blow with his own flaming hammers. 90
Headbanger Headbanger 0 Parry Hydravok’s heads 3 times in a single life. 45
One Man Army One Man Army 0 Find every weapon in a single playthrough. 20
No Hiding Place No Hiding Place 0 Discovered every secret area in a single playthrough. 20
Livin’ On The Edge Livin’ On The Edge 0 Finished the Landing Pad without activating any checkpoints. 20
Speed King Speed King 0 Completed the game in under 2 hours. 100
Lord Of Metal Lord Of Metal 0 Finished the game with 10 or fewer deaths. 100