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MageQuit Achievements

Find all the MageQuit achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Yer a wizard, hairy Yer a wizard, hairy 0 You completed the MageQuit tutorial. 100
Purist Purist 0 You drafted all the spells from a single element. 100
Pentakill Pentakill 0 You killed 5 wizards in a single round. 100
MageQuit great for parties MageQuit great for parties 0 You played a couch game with 8 players. 100
Somebody's Fabulous Somebody's Fabulous 0 You unlocked a full elemental outfit set. 100
4 Scorch... 4 Scorch... 0 You hit the same enemy with 4 Scorches within 4 seconds. 100
...and 7 Tears ago ...and 7 Tears ago 0 You the the same enemy with all 7 Tears. 100
Beard oil is a luxury few can afford Beard oil is a luxury few can afford 0 You reached 20 kills in a 9 round game. 100
Now you're thinking with wormholes Now you're thinking with wormholes 0 You had 4 of your own worms on the battlefield at one time. 100
Baby's first showdown Baby's first showdown 0 You won your first showdown. 100