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The Clocker Achievements

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Nice dodge Nice dodge 0 Thief dodges the punch. 60
Longing Longing 0 Cat runs away with no fish. 60
Safe out Safe out 0 Student walks out safely. 80
Parroting Parroting 0 Parrot talks pigeon language. 70
Bicycle kick Bicycle kick 0 Student shoots with Bicycle Kick. 50
Blocking Blocking 0 Keep the student from doing duty work. 80
Brothers fight Brothers fight 0 Accident happened when fixing the light. 50
It should be there It should be there 0 Ship sails without cargo on board. 70
Confused passerby Confused passerby 0 The boy watches the crash of the toy plane and the toy car unexpectedly. 70
Naughty Naughty 0 Make the cleaner mad. 50
Talking too much Talking too much 0 Discover the secret of the undercover. 60
Finish? Finish? 0 Reach the end. 100

Secret Achievements

Clocker Clocker 0 Time‘s never meaningless; time never fades away. 200