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SIMULACRA Achievements

Find all the SIMULACRA achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

You've got Mail You've got Mail 0 Get into Anna's email 10
The Gift of Jab The Gift of Jab 0 Login to Anna's social media 10
Gossip Girl Gossip Girl 0 Tell'em EVERYTHING 10
She Needs To Know She Needs To Know 0 Not good at keeping secrets 10
She Loves Me! She Loves Me! 0 All this time... is that how you feel? 10
Sharing is Caring Sharing is Caring 0 It is a fair trade 10
Punked! Punked! 0 He deserves to be tricked 10
Just In Time Just In Time 0 Phew!!!! 30
This Is The Police! This Is The Police! 0 Impersonating a cop is a federal offence 30
The Internet Never Forgets The Internet Never Forgets 0 Once a criminal, always a criminal 30
Wordsmith Wordsmith 0 No words are left unsolved 100
Derezzed Derezzed 0 No pictures are left broken 30
That Is Not A Compliment That Is Not A Compliment 0 Harassers are literally the worst 30
That Is Just A Compliment That Is Just A Compliment 0 Maybe he is just flirting? 30
Looking for love Looking for love 0 Love in a hopeless place 30
Ask her anything Ask her anything 0 Just don't be a jerk 30
Crime Doesn't Pay Crime Doesn't Pay 0 Just leave it to the cops next time 30
Run Greg Run Run Greg Run 0 Vigilante justice 30
You're hired! You're hired! 0 You can start next Monday 30
This is too much This is too much 0 NOPE NOPE NOPE 100
You found Anna You found Anna 0 You win??? 100
You killed Anna You killed Anna 0 You lose??? 100
A happy ending A happy ending 0 Happily ever after... or is it? 100
Windy Convergence Windy Convergence 0 Find the hidden truth 100