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Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Achievements

Full list of Where the Water Tastes Like Wine achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Carnivale Carnivale 0 Completed the Runciter's Circus vignette sequence. 25
Althea Althea 0 Completed Althea's story. 25
August August 0 Completed August's story. 25
Bertha Bertha 0 Completed Bertha's story. 25
Cassady Cassady 0 Completed Cassady's story. 25
Dehaaya Dehaaya 0 Completed Dehaaya's story. 25
Dupree Dupree 0 Completed Dupree's story. 25
Fidelina Fidelina 0 Completed Fidelina's story. 25
Franklin Franklin 0 Completed Franklin's story. 25
Jimmy Jimmy 0 Completed Jimmy's story. 25
Little Ben Little Ben 0 Completed Little Ben's story. 25
Mason Mason 0 Completed Mason's story. 25
Quinn Quinn 0 Completed Quinn's story. 25
Ray Ray 0 Completed Ray's story. 25
Rocio Rocio 0 Completed Rocio's story. 25
Rose Rose 0 Completed Rose's story. 25
Shaw Shaw 0 Completed Shaw's story. 25
Storyteller Storyteller 0 Completed your task. 100
The Blues Singer The Blues Singer 0 Met Althea, the blues singer. 25
The Sailor The Sailor 0 Met August, the sailor. 25
The Dustbowl Refugee The Dustbowl Refugee 0 Met Bertha, the dustbowl refugee 25
The Beat Poet The Beat Poet 0 Met Cassady, the beat poet. 25
The One Who Went Upward The One Who Went Upward 0 Met Dehaaya, the one who went upward. 25
Friend of Mine Friend of Mine 0 Completed the Devil vignette sequence. 25
The Gambler The Gambler 0 Met Dupree, the gambler. 25
The Curandera The Curandera 0 Met Fidelina, the curandera. 25
The Pullman Porter The Pullman Porter 0 Met Franklin, the Pullman porter. 25
The Preacher The Preacher 0 Met Jimmy, the preacher. 25
The Coal Miner The Coal Miner 0 Met Little Ben, the coal miner. 25
The Great War Veteran The Great War Veteran 0 Met Mason, the Great War veteran. 25
The Hobo Kid The Hobo Kid 0 Met Quinn, the hobo kid. 25
The Cowboy The Cowboy 0 Met Ray, the cowboy. 25
The Migrant Worker The Migrant Worker 0 Met Rocio, the migrant worker. 25
The Hippie The Hippie 0 Met Rose, the hippie. 25
The Sharecropper The Sharecropper 0 Met Shaw, the sharecropper. 25
Got Your Kicks Got Your Kicks 0 Hitchhiked along Route 66. 25
Whip-poor-will Whip-poor-will 0 Found the three whippoorwills. 25