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Cold Silence Achievements

Full list of Cold Silence achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cold Silence has 68 achievements worth 2000 gamerscore

First death First death 0 Death is unpleasant, isn't it? 20
Unlucky Unlucky 0 You can die at least 10 times. 20
This has become systematic This has become systematic 0 Don't fear! Die more than 25 times! 20
I like death! I like death! 0 You are familiar with death and can die even 50 times! 20
Half-Head Half-Head 0 You dead, because you don't move under the icicle. 20
Failed Yoga Failed Yoga 0 Die by just falling on the spikes... 20
My legs are broken My legs are broken 0 Die by bleeding after step on a mantrap... 20
Explosive heart Explosive heart 0 Die by explosion, becaiuse you like to throw grenades under yourself! 20
Nightmare Nightmare 0 I shudder even from my own shadow, because it killed me once... 20
I can't fly I can't fly 0 Let's jump in the abyss! 20
No signal No signal 0 Be lost in the static... 20
Bad jump Bad jump 0 You can't use your radio well, and you fall down the first pit. 20
Suppressed Suppressed 0 You are pressed by a falling block. 20
Boost the boots Boost the boots 0 Find your first equipment. 20
Rope for the robe Rope for the robe 0 Find the rope. 20
Broken voice Broken voice 0 Pick up the radio. 20
Fun'n'Gun Fun'n'Gun 0 Find your first and only gun. 20
Armed to the teeth Armed to the teeth 0 Find grenades. 20
I can slip out of the blue I can slip out of the blue 0 10 fails on even "easy" - it's so hard for you. 20
High voice High voice 0 Power of your voice is high enough to activate highly placed radio station. 20
I am like my shadow... I am like my shadow... 0 You are ready even for an endless waiting... 20
Stupid life! Stupid life! 0 Jump in the city well. 20
Beautiful days Beautiful days 0 There are some beautiful moments in your life. 20
Tree of life Tree of life 0 Try to find at least three trees in single run. 20
Holy forest Holy forest 0 You can find all trees in single run. 20
Pantomime Pantomime 0 On "easy", run from chapter 1 to the end. No damage. No heals. 20
Writer Writer 0 Complete all chapters on every difficulty. 20
The dead end The dead end 0 Finish yourself in the deep of caves. 20
No one escaped my fears! No one escaped my fears! 0 Find graveyard and the Fear. 20
I love despite anything! I love despite anything! 0 Find the mad love of your life! 20
Torn by dog Torn by dog 0 Find your wild dog. 20
Arrested Arrested 0 Find the Police. 20
Lost Chapter Lost Chapter 0 Unlock Chapter 6. 20
Blood of Honey Blood of Honey 0 Defeat Honey Wife. 20
False Friend False Friend 0 Defeat Weird Friend. 20
Resisted Resisted 0 Defeat Special Forces. 20
Wrong Child Wrong Child 0 Defeat Daughter. 20
Unscared Unscared 0 Defeat your Fear. 20
The End The End 0 Complete Chapter 6 at any difficulty. 20
True End True End 0 Complete Chapter 6 at least in "extreme" game mode. 20
Catcher Catcher 0 Catch the fatal bullet. 20
Barbecue Barbecue 0 Fire reaches you and burns. 20
Separated Separated 0 Slashed on pieces. 20
Grave Grave 0 Step inside your coffin. 20
Souleater Souleater 0 Great skull eats you. 20
Bones Bones 0 Scare burns you. 20
Notes Notes 0 Find the journal. 20
Hangman Hangman 0 Meet the ultimate attack of your Shadow. 20
Secret path Secret path 0 Find short path to the depth of caves. 20
Shortcut Shortcut 0 Ultimate Shadow reveals another path to you. 20

Cold Silence - Creator's Challenge

There are 10 achievements with a total of 0 points.

Tie of infinity Tie of infinity 0 Defeat Doppelganger with Creator's challenge. 0

Secret Achievements

Deathly sting Deathly sting 0 Defeat Wife with Creator's challenge. 0
Deathly claws Deathly claws 0 Defeat Friend with Creator's challenge. 0
Aggressive combat Aggressive combat 0 Defeat Special Forces with Creator's challenge. 0
Fatal smash Fatal smash 0 Defeat Daughter with Creator's challenge. 0
Full nightmare Full nightmare 0 Defeat Fear with Creator's challenge. 0
The last signal The last signal 0 Defeat Radio with Creator's challenge. 0
Creator Creator 0 Pass the Creator's test and start the challenge! 0
Broken language Broken language 0 Find the language interface and break it! 0
There can be only one! There can be only one! 0 Defeat Doppelganger. 0

Cold Silence - Title Update

There are 8 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Ghosts rider Ghosts rider 0 It was a bad idea to touch them. 100
Swimmer Swimmer 0 You are not good at swimming at blood. 100
Prayer Prayer 0 Find where winter smells to get into Church of Sorrow. 150
Cross-antenna Cross-antenna 0 Replace your regular antenna. 50
Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! 0 Activate 6 bells and open the gates. 150
Crazy Monks Crazy Monks 0 Defeat Dozen of monks. 150
Souls collector Souls collector 0 Pick up all souls after Dozen was defeated. 100
Red rain Red rain 0 Defeat Sea of Blood and obtain its ultimate ability. 200