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Lords of the Fallen Achievements

Full list of Lords of the Fallen achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Lords of the Fallen has 63 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Wayfarer Wayfarer 0 Visited all of the areas in the game. 50
A Veil Lifted A Veil Lifted 0 Died in Axiom for the first time. 5
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 Retrieved vigor lost upon death. 5
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector 0 Collected all weapons. 50
Ironclad Ironclad 0 Collected all armour pieces. 50
What Sights Contained Within What Sights Contained Within 0 Collected all Umbral Eyes. 30
Trinket Collector Trinket Collector 0 Collected all rings and pendants. 30
Ammunition Collector Ammunition Collector 0 Collected all ammo types. 10
Inferno Adept Inferno Adept 0 Collected all Inferno spells. 10
Radiant Adept Radiant Adept 0 Collected all Radiance spells. 10
Umbral Adept Umbral Adept 0 Collected all Umbral spells. 10
Throwable Collector Throwable Collector 0 Collected all throwables. 10
Gesture Collector Gesture Collector 0 Collected all gestures. 20
Salvation in Blood Salvation in Blood 0 Fully upgraded the Sanguinarix. 25
Honed to Perfection Honed to Perfection 0 Fully upgraded a weapon. 20
Rune Novice Rune Novice 0 Placed a rune in a socket for the first time. 5
Rune Master Rune Master 0 Fully socketed a 3-rune weapon or shield. 10
Carving Out Victory Carving Out Victory 0 Fully upgraded the Umbral lamp. 20
Utmost Insight Utmost Insight 0 Fully socketed the Umbral lamp with Umbral Eyes. 10
Comrades Comrades 0 Beckoned a co-op partner. 10
Shared Triumph Shared Triumph 0 Defeated a boss alongside a co-op partner. 15
Vengeance for the Fallen Vengeance for the Fallen 0 Avenged a fallen lampbearer. 15
No Mercy No Mercy 0 Defeated another player in PVP. 15
Infernal Offerings Infernal Offerings 0 Donated a total of 10 Severed Hands. 5
Radiant Offerings Radiant Offerings 0 Donated a total of 10 Pilfered Coins. 5
Umbral Offerings Umbral Offerings 0 Donated a total of 10 Plucked Eyeballs. 5
Shades of Violence Shades of Violence 0 Applied a tinct to a piece of gear. 10
Essence of Death Essence of Death 0 Defeated an enemy with an Umbral finisher. 5
Thriving in Darkness Thriving in Darkness 0 Used a Vestige Seed. 5
Seasoned Seasoned 0 Reached Level 100. 20
Lord of The Fallen Lord of The Fallen 0 Earned all achievements. 70
The Past Shapes the Present The Past Shapes the Present 0 Offered Molhu the Bowl of Revelations. 10
Lingering Moments Lingering Moments 0 Viewed all Umbral stigmas. 30
A Rest Among the Dead A Rest Among the Dead 0 Reached the Skyrest Bridge interior. 10

Secret Achievements

Rise and Fall Rise and Fall 0 Defeated Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. 15
Together in Death Together in Death 0 Defeated The Congregator of Flesh. 15
Burying the Past Burying the Past 0 Defeated The Hushed Saint. 15
Unwanted Unwanted 0 Defeated the Spurned Progeny. 15
Unbroken to the End Unbroken to the End 0 Defeated the Unbroken Promise. 15
Wings of Grief Wings of Grief 0 Defeated the Hollow Crow. 15
Twin Faces of Sin Twin Faces of Sin 0 Defeated Reinhold the Immured. 15
Judgement Judgement 0 Defeated Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel. 15
Hunt's End Hunt's End 0 Defeated the Lightreaper. 20
The King is Dead The King is Dead 0 Defeated the Sundered Monarch. 15
A Hunger Sated A Hunger Sated 0 Defeated Elianne the Starved. 20
Fallen Fallen 0 Defeated Adyr, the Bereft Exile. 15
None Shall be Spared None Shall be Spared 0 Defeated all bosses. 25
The Price of Knowledge The Price of Knowledge 0 Exacter Dunmire gained the knowledge he sought. 10
Part of the Divine Part of the Divine 0 Damarose the Marked received her divine reward. 10
Travels Resumed Travels Resumed 0 Sparky was liberated. 10
Moving On Moving On 0 Byron found a new purpose. 10
Hero Worship Hero Worship 0 Drustan's faith in his brother remained steadfast. 10
Antanas' Legacy Antanas' Legacy 0 The value of Andreas of Ebb's friendship was made clear. 10
Faithful Faithful 0 Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis was greeted at the Empyrean. 10
Without Purpose Without Purpose 0 Thehk-Ihir left Mournstead. 10
A Queen's Rest A Queen's Rest 0 Sophesia bestowed a final favour. 10
The Last Step The Last Step 0 The Iron Wayfarer's journey finally ended. 10
Vengeful Reflection Vengeful Reflection 0 An Umbral imprint of Isaac faced the Lightreaper. 10
Lord of the Risen Lord of the Risen 0 Reached the Adyr ending. 15
In Light we Walk In Light we Walk 0 Reached the Radiant ending. 15
Back to the Void Back to the Void 0 Reached the Umbral ending. 15
A Shadow Dispelled A Shadow Dispelled 0 Defeated the Scarlet Shadow. 10
A Trace of Venom A Trace of Venom 0 Kukajin concluded her business in Mournstead. 10