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Orangeblood Achievements

Full list of Orangeblood achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Orangeblood has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to NEW KOZA Welcome to NEW KOZA 0 Arrive at NEW KOZA dump 20
Utopia Utopia 0 Retake Club Shangri-La. 20
The Abyss of Power The Abyss of Power 0 Deal 1,000,000 in one hit. 90
Doggy Style Doggy Style 0 Receive a present from the dog. 30
Oh, it's just a dog... Oh, it's just a dog... 0 Defeat Doggopter. 30
Blockbuster Blockbuster 0 Defeat Armored Barricade. 30
Microtransaction Microtransaction 0 Defeat Box Dog. 30
Executive Decision Executive Decision 0 Defeat Chef. 30
Sempai Slayer Sempai Slayer 0 Defeat Homerun Sempai, and sit on the throne. 90
Negative Drug Test Results Negative Drug Test Results 0 Defeat Green Yakuza. 30
Now that was unexpected... Now that was unexpected... 0 Defeat Vice Admiral after clearing out all the safes. 90

Secret Achievements

It's just uhhh...Flour It's just uhhh...Flour 0 Takeover the Smile Bakery. 20
WanChai Connection WanChai Connection 0 Takeover the China Lake Restaurant. 20
Nostrovia! Nostrovia! 0 Takeover the Sunrise Hotel. 20
Going Down Going Down 0 Clear Tier 1. 90
Calamari Calamari 0 Clear Tier 3. 90
World Class Wrecking Crew World Class Wrecking Crew 0 Clear the campaign. 90
The Ultimate, Most Powerful Woman The Ultimate, Most Powerful Woman 0 Defeat Evil Chef. 90