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Project Spark: Conker Play & Create Bundle Achievements

Full list of Project Spark: Conker Play & Create Bundle achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Project Spark: Conker Play & Create Bundle has 16 achievements worth 210 gamerscore

Amass a Fortune Amass a Fortune 0 Collect enough money to pay off your bar tab. 20
Uri-Nation Uri-Nation 0 Save the Cock & Plucker from destruction. 10
Broke the Seal Broke the Seal 0 Extinguish the TNT fuses with only one drink. 10
Italian Plumber Italian Plumber 0 Retrieve Fajo the Money in the Brewery without taking damage. 15
Brew Master Brew Master 0 Retrieve Fajo the Money in the Brewery. 10
Where’s Gregg? Where’s Gregg? 0 Complete Conker’s Quest without dying. 25
Sure Shot Sure Shot 0 Shoot all the Tediz without taking damage. 15
Aww Nuts! Aww Nuts! 0 Defeat the Tediz Abomination. 10
Whose House? Out House! Whose House? Out House! 0 Defeat the Chainsaw Tediz. 10
GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!! GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!! 0 Kick the Chainsaw Tediz head into the bucket. 10
The Squirrel’s Apprentice The Squirrel’s Apprentice 0 Reach Level 10 with Conker. 10
The Squirrel Savant The Squirrel Savant 0 Reach Level 20 with Conker. 20
Conker Challenger Conker Challenger 0 Complete 10 Champion Challenges with Conker. 10
Conker Challenge Master Conker Challenge Master 0 Complete 50 Champion Challenges with Conker. 15
Conker Hero Conker Hero 0 Make your 1st Crossroads experience with Conker. 10
Conker’s Nemesis Conker’s Nemesis 0 Defeat the Crate of Squirrel’s with Conker in Crossroads. 10

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