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Sky Rogue Achievements

Full list of Sky Rogue achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sky Rogue has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Earning Your Wings Earning Your Wings 0 Complete mission 0 10
Ace In A Day Ace In A Day 0 Earn 5 air kills in one mission 25
You can be my wingman anytime You can be my wingman anytime 0 Complete a mission in co-op mode 25
Top Gun Top Gun 0 Kill an enemy ace 35
Fighter Jock Fighter Jock 0 Kill an enemy veteran 25
Good Stick Good Stick 0 Complete a mission without taking damage 25
Good Sticks Good Sticks 0 Complete a co-op mission without either player taking damage 25
Fast Mover Fast Mover 0 Unlock all fighters 25
Dot Chaser Dot Chaser 0 Unlock all interceptors 25
Mud Mover Mud Mover 0 Unlock all bombers 25
Knife Fight Knife Fight 0 Kill an enemy aero at range 50 or less 10
Made It Made It 0 Complete the game 100
Made It Together Made It Together 0 Complete the game in co-op mode 100
Wild Blue Yonder Wild Blue Yonder 0 Clear the temperate islands 25
Desert Strike Desert Strike 0 Clear the arid islands 25
Snowbird Snowbird 0 Clear the snowy islands 25
Aero Superiority Aero Superiority 0 Unlock all technologies 50
Old School Old School 0 Complete the game without upgrades 100
Sky Rogue Sky Rogue 0 Complete the game using only the Rogue with its default loadout 100
Phyrrus Phyrrus 0 Die 50 times 25
Nuclear knife fight Nuclear knife fight 0 Kill an enemy aero with a bomb 10
Xth Generation Fighter Xth Generation Fighter 0 CLASSIFIED 25
Missile With A Man In It Missile With A Man In It 0 Complete the game in under 40 minutes 100

Secret Achievements

Great shot, kid! Great shot, kid! 0 CLASSIFIED 25
Auger In Auger In 0 CLASSIFIED 10