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Spartan Fist Achievements

Find all the Spartan Fist achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Punched A Dude Punched A Dude 0 ... so hard he exploded 70
Concrete Wasteland Wasted Concrete Wasteland Wasted 0 You have achieved the respect of Meow Max 90
Grounded The Underground Grounded The Underground 0 Optimouse and Prat both think you're pretty cool 90
Pigeon Paradise Paraded Pigeon Paradise Paraded 0 Gurren Pigeonn has a newfound respect for bread tossers 90
Elevated Elevated 0 You've taken the measure of yourself, and found it wanting. 90
The Fixer Approves The Fixer Approves 0 The Fixer thanks you for supporting the revolution 90
The Fixer Hugs You The Fixer Hugs You 0 The Fixer explains how big an impact you've had on the revolution 90
The Fixer Commends You The Fixer Commends You 0 The Fixer gives you a tour of the training camps you've funded 90
The Fixer Promotes You The Fixer Promotes You 0 Welcome to the resistance. The revolution will not be televised. 90
Stone Fist Stone Fist 0 Used the Stone Fist 30
Bandage Fist Bandage Fist 0 Used the Bandage Fist 30
Bear Fist Bear Fist 0 Used the Bear Fist 30
Feather Fist Feather Fist 0 Used the Feather Fist 30
Kitty Fist Kitty Fist 0 Used the Kitty Fist 30
Rat Fist Rat Fist 0 Used the Rat Fist 30
Rocket Fist Rocket Fist 0 Used the Rocket Fist 30