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Othercide Achievements

Full list of Othercide achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Othercide has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Plague The Plague 0 Defeat The Surgeon 30
The Cellar Prison The Cellar Prison 0 Defeat the Deacon 30
The Broken Beauty The Broken Beauty 0 Defeat the Maid 30
The Despair Creation The Despair Creation 0 Defeat the Child 30
The Long Nightmare The Long Nightmare 0 Defeat Suffering 90
One Single Recollection One Single Recollection 0 Defeat every boss in a single recollection 100
Until the End Until the End 0 Finish the tutorial by defeating all enemies 30
A New Start A New Start 0 Reach the Chrono Map 15
First Victory First Victory 0 Close the first Synapse 15
First Wound First Wound 0 A Daughter is killed in battle 15
New Born New Born 0 An Scythebearer has been germinated 15
One More Time One More Time 0 Start a new recollection 15
Rise Again Rise Again 0 Resurrect one Daughter 15
Killer Killer 0 Kill 500 enemies 90
Blood Sacrifice Blood Sacrifice 0 Lose 1000 HP because of reactions/interruptions 30
She Is Unique She Is Unique 0 Earn 5 traits on the same Daughter 90
Upgraded Upgraded 0 Add one Memory on a Daughter 15
Savior Savior 0 Save a Bright Soul 15
The End Justify The Means The End Justify The Means 0 Sacrifice a Bright Soul 15
Bookworm Bookworm 0 Discover all story chapters 90
More Than Ready More Than Ready 0 Activate all Remembrances 90
A Necessary Sacrifice A Necessary Sacrifice 0 Sacrifice a Daughter 15
Hard Choice Hard Choice 0 Sacrifice a Daughter with one Memory attached 30
Consumer Consumer 0 Spend 7000 vitae 30
Fighter Fighter 0 Close 20 Synapses 30
A New Leader A New Leader 0 Have a level 15 Daughter 30