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Liftoff: Drone Racing Achievements

Full list of Liftoff: Drone Racing achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Liftoff: Drone Racing has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Adventurer Adventurer 0 You played all standard maps 50
Collector Collector 0 You played with all the drones 50
Trainee Trainee 0 You practiced for 1 hour in Free Flight 25
Classy Classy 0 You customized a drone 25
I'm Getting the Hang of This I'm Getting the Hang of This 0 Reached level 5 50
Bardwell's Prodigy Bardwell's Prodigy 0 You completed all the tutorials 50
World Champion World Champion 0 You completed Career game mode 150
Pilot Pilot 0 You flew for 10 hours 50
Thank God it's a Game Thank God it's a Game 0 You crashed your drone 25 times 25
A Friend in Me A Friend in Me 0 You played race mode online with a total of 5 different friends 50
Winner Winner 0 You won 10 online races 50
Master Master 0 You won 25 online races 95
Shinies! Shinies! 0 You opened 10 gift boxes 25
Dizzy! Dizzy! 0 You performed 6 loops with a drone in Freestyle 10
Hedge Trimmer Hedge Trimmer 0 You flew in the leaves of trees 10 times without resetting 50
Lawnmower Lawnmower 0 You got a lawnmower stunt modifier of more than 200 points in Freestyle 25
Purist Purist 0 You won a multiplayer race in purist mode 20
Marathon Flyer Marathon Flyer 0 You flew until the battery is completely depleted 10
Showoff Showoff 0 You got more than 20,000 points in Freestyle 30
Deep Dive Deep Dive 0 You got a dive stunt modifier of more than 200 points in Freestyle 20
Bounce Bounce 0 You bounced on Bardwell's trampoline 20
Elevator Dive Elevator Dive 0 You dove in the longest elevator shaft in Bando City 20
Bridge Troll Bridge Troll 0 You flew underneath the lake bridge on The Green 20
Barntastic Barntastic 0 You flew through Straw Bale's barn, using the top windows 20
For My Grandkids For My Grandkids 0 You recorded a flight session in Free Flight game mode 20
Look Ma! No Hands! Look Ma! No Hands! 0 You watched a replay in replay game mode 20
No More Training Wheels No More Training Wheels 0 You won a race without any flight assist features enabled 20