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The Last Campfire Achievements

Full list of The Last Campfire achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Last Campfire has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A Little Ember A Little Ember 0 It was once again a Campfire. 10
Smoke and Mist Smoke and Mist 0 In a swirling fog a Campfire restored. 30
Glowing Cinders Glowing Cinders 0 In a gloomy cavern a gift of warmth. 50
The First Campfire The First Campfire 0 The Forest Campfire roars. 50
Campfire of the Marsh Campfire of the Marsh 0 Embers renewed by a fierce Campfire. 70
Campfire of the Caves Campfire of the Caves 0 A glorious flame in the darkness. 75
First Hope First Hope 0 Collected your first hope 10
Fifth Hope Fifth Hope 0 Collected 5 hopes 30
Tenth Hope Tenth Hope 0 Collected 10 hopes 50
Fifteenth Hope Fifteenth Hope 0 Collected 15 hopes 75
Last Hope Last Hope 0 Collected all hopes 100
A Journey Begins A Journey Begins 0 Reached a forgotten forest. 10

Secret Achievements

Fisherman's Awakening Fisherman's Awakening 0 An end to sorrowful slumber. 20
Making Reparations Making Reparations 0 A net mended by practiced hands. 40
A Pond Devoured A Pond Devoured 0 A greedy amphibian placated. 20
Cook's Awakening Cook's Awakening 0 Stirred a latent hunger. 20
A Piggish Gullet A Piggish Gullet 0 Fed a demanding swine. 20
Builder's Awakening Builder's Awakening 0 Rekindled a pilot light. 20
Reconstruction Reconstruction 0 Accepted a gift from a friend. 50
A Serpent's Calling A Serpent's Calling 0 We are all drawn to the light. 50
Final Awakening Final Awakening 0 Woke a wandering soul. 100
A Journey Concludes A Journey Concludes 0 Found a way home. 100