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Help Will Come Tomorrow Achievements

Full list of Help Will Come Tomorrow achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Help Will Come Tomorrow has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

One hundred Imperials One hundred Imperials 0 Learn Anna's whole story. 40
Fence-sitter Fence-sitter 0 Learn Aleksiej's whole story. 40
Blood brothers Blood brothers 0 Learn Dmitrij's whole story. 40
Secret diary Secret diary 0 Learn Edward's whole story. 40
Bluejackets! Be gone! Bluejackets! Be gone! 0 Learn Girgorij's whole story. 40
No one is born an orphan No one is born an orphan 0 Learn Maria's whole story. 40
Last boot not least Last boot not least 0 Learn Siergiej's whole story. 40
A man of letters A man of letters 0 Learn Wadim's whole story. 40
Arsenic and old lace Arsenic and old lace 0 Learn Zofia's whole story. 40
Alone in the camp Alone in the camp 0 Looks like you're kinda lonely... 15
A soul in need A soul in need 0 Save another train crash survivor. 55
Almost like home Almost like home 0 Build everything in your campsite. 55
Fisherman Fisherman 0 Catch a fish. 15
Speleologist Speleologist 0 Enter a cave and explore its dark corridors. 15
King of Taiga King of Taiga 0 Hunt a moose. 40
Woodcutters’ trove Woodcutters’ trove 0 Locate a package hidden by the woodcutters. 40
Spotted! Spotted! 0 Renegates have located your camp. 15
Payback time Payback time 0 Kill one of the pursuers. 55
Wolfpack Wolfpack 0 Survive a wolfpack attack on your camp. 55
Cry wolf Cry wolf 0 Survive an encounter with a wolf during exploration. 40
No man left behind No man left behind 0 Finish the game with all survivors alive. 55
Help did come! Help did come! 0 Finish the game with a good ending. 60
Survival Master Survival Master 0 Unlock all achievements. 80

Secret Achievements

Double cut Double cut 0 Amputate a feet and a hand of one of the characters. 15
There was a cat that really was gone There was a cat that really was gone 0 Meet Rasputin. 15
Torn yurt Torn yurt 0 Find a talking wolf. 15