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KURSK Achievements

Full list of KURSK achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

KURSK has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Moscow Moscow 0 Finish the briefing. 10
First Secret First Secret 0 Take a picture in the truck. 10
Favor For A Soldier Favor For A Soldier 0 Do a favor for a tired soldier. 10
Vidyayevo Vidyayevo 0 Enter Kursk. 10
All Aboard! All Aboard! 0 Meet your superiors. 10
Ready for Combat Ready for Combat 0 Help to repair a defective torpedo. 10
Going for a Swim Going for a Swim 0 Relax in the pool. 10
One of Us One of Us 0 Survive the sea baptism. 10
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! 0 Prepare a gift for Dmitri. 10
Data Thief Data Thief 0 Use the Telnet. 10
A Little Poem A Little Poem 0 Help Robert with the engine. 10
Shkval Torpedoes Shkval Torpedoes 0 Gather information about the Shkval torpedoes. 10
Silent Hunter Silent Hunter 0 Prove your expertise. 10
Lockpicker Lockpicker 0 Open the captain's safe. 10
Who Is He? Who Is He? 0 Gain the lowest Trust among the crew. 30
Our Brother Our Brother 0 Gain the highest Trust among the crew. 30
Scribe Scribe 0 Gather all available letters and notes. 30
Matryoshka Matryoshka 0 Gather all Matryoshkas. 30
Pennant Enthusiast Pennant Enthusiast 0 Gather all pennants. 30
Collector Collector 0 Gather all collectibles. 50
A True Classic A True Classic 0 Achieve the top score in the PDA minigame. 20
From The Deeps From The Deeps 0 Achieve the top score in Shmup. 20
Target in Sight Target in Sight 0 Target in Sight Achieve the top score in Periscope. 20
Too Fast for You Too Fast for You 0 Achieve the top score in Flashout. 20
Mind the Walls Mind the Walls 0 Achieve the top score in Tunnel. 20
One more? One more? 0 Play the board game once. 20
Tour de Kursk Tour de Kursk 0 Visit all available rooms. 50
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0 Leave bullets in the cartridge. 20
All Alone All Alone 0 Discover the first ending. 20
Together In Death Together In Death 0 Discover the second ending. 20
Survivor Survivor 0 Discover the third ending. 20
Faint Hope Faint Hope 0 Discover the fourth ending. 20
Hacker Hacker 0 Hack 3 computers aboard the ship. 20
Biker Biker 0 Beat all records on the bike. 20
A True Marine A True Marine 0 Finish all achievements. 200
End of a Story End of a Story 0 Finish the game. 40
Seen It All Seen It All 0 Finish all endings. 100
Patient Patient 0 Watch all credits. 10