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Eternal - Echoes of Eternity Achievements

Full list of Eternal - Echoes of Eternity achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Eternal - Echoes of Eternity has 12 achievements worth 160 gamerscore

Promises by Firelight Promises by Firelight 0 Complete Promises by Firelight. 50
Battle Mage Battle Mage 0 Play a spell with 3 or more battle skills. 10
Nightmare Commander Nightmare Commander 0 Activate 50 Corrupted Shade abilities. 10
Run 'Em Out Run 'Em Out 0 Kill a Versus opponent by running their deck out of cards. 10
Strangest Things Strangest Things 0 Have 12 differently named Strangers in play at once. 10
Influential Influential 0 End a game with more than 30 total Influence. 10
Well Protected Well Protected 0 Gain 100 Armor. 10
Blade Barrier Blade Barrier 0 Gain 500 Armor. 10
Emerald Master Emerald Master 0 Play a unit with 15 Strength or more with Emerald Maw. 10
Explosive Finale Explosive Finale 0 Deal 50 or more damage with a single spell. 10
Exalted Warrior Exalted Warrior 0 Play 5 exalted weapons at the same time with Kodosh's Armor. 10
Saboteur Saboteur 0 Steal at least 7 power with Unseen Longbow. 10

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