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John Wick Hex Achievements

Full list of John Wick Hex achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

John Wick Hex has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Rumors Abound Rumors Abound 0 Earn the Baba Yaga name in Chinatown. 40
Edgar Was Alone Edgar Was Alone 0 Complete Chinatown. 20
Quick Start Quick Start 0 Complete Chinatown in expedited mode. 20
The Devil's Dance The Devil's Dance 0 Earn the Baba Yaga name in Elysium. 40
Last Orders Last Orders 0 Complete Elysium. 20
Something with a Beat Something with a Beat 0 Complete Elysium in expedited mode. 20
Watery Graves Watery Graves 0 Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Harbor. 40
Civil War Civil War 0 Complete the Harbor. 20
A Contender A Contender 0 Complete the Harbor in expedited mode. 20
Notorious Artist Notorious Artist 0 Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Gallery. 40
Pop Art Pop Art 0 Complete the Gallery. 20
One Hit Wonder One Hit Wonder 0 Complete the Gallery in expedited mode. 20
Known Quantity Known Quantity 0 Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Bank. 100
A Withdrawl A Withdrawl 0 Complete the Bank. 20
Fast Deposit Fast Deposit 0 Complete the Bank in expedited mode. 40
Respected Respected 0 Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Alps. 100
Iced Iced 0 Complete the Alps. 20
Blizzard Blizzard 0 Complete the Alps in expedited mode. 40
Legendary Legendary 0 Earn the Baba Yaga name in Lair. 100
Birthright Birthright 0 Complete the Lair. 20
Just in Time Just in Time 0 Complete the Lair in expedited mode. 40
Near Miss Near Miss 0 Earn the Koschei name in any location. 20
Directed Anger Directed Anger 0 Earn the Letun name in any location. 20
Guns. Lots of Guns Guns. Lots of Guns 0 Earn the Zmei Gorynych name in any location. 20
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter 0 Earn the Alyosha Popovich name in any location. 20
Clipped Clipped 0 Kill someone by throwing a gun at them. 20
Survivor Survivor 0 Complete a location with under four bars of health remaining. 20
Change of Heart Change of Heart 0 Kill someone using two or more guns. 20
87eleven 87eleven 0 Use a takedown, a strike and a push on the same enemy. 20
Wasteful Wasteful 0 Reload a gun which is only missing one round. 20
Excommunicado Excommunicado 0 Begin a new game at 6pm. 20