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Colt Canyon Achievements

Full list of Colt Canyon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Colt Canyon has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Boss First Boss 0 Defeat the first boss. 20
We Did It! We Did It! 0 Rescue your partner and complete the game. 100
Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighter 0 Rescue one prisoner. 10
Freedom Warrior Freedom Warrior 0 Rescue 10 prisoners. 20
Freedom Hero Freedom Hero 0 Rescue 100 prisoners. 30
Beast Beast 0 Defeat the bear using nothing but melee attacks. 20
Not Like This! Not Like This! 0 Survive an ambush. 10
Lock-Picker Lock-Picker 0 Unlock a locked crate. 10
Oops.. Oops.. 0 Kill more than 5 enemies with one dynamite. 10
Lonely Are The Brave Lonely Are The Brave 0 Kill all enemies in a level. 20
Two Brothers, One Death Two Brothers, One Death 0 Find yourself a companion. 10
Five Man Army Five Man Army 0 Have 5 or more companions at once. 10
Bullets Don't Argue Bullets Don't Argue 0 Kill 1.000 enemies in total. 20
Shadow Walker Shadow Walker 0 Reach your partner without being spotted by any enemies outside of boss fights or ambushes. 30
No Time For Dying No Time For Dying 0 Revive a companion or player. 10
Good Shot Good Shot 0 Kill more than one enemy with a single projectile. 20
Blood Rush Blood Rush 0 Kill more than 500 enemies in a single run. 20
Pistolero Pistolero 0 Kill the first boss with just pistol-ammo weapon and no upgrades. 20
Invincible Invincible 0 Reach the second area without having taken any damage. 20
Catch This! Catch This! 0 Kill all enemies in a level using only throwable weapons. 20
Welcome To Hard Times Welcome To Hard Times 0 Start a Loop Run. 30
OG Squad OG Squad 0 Rescue your partner with all 4 base characters. 40
Ninja Ninja 0 Take out 15 enemies in a row with melee stealth kills without being spotted. 20
I'm good, thanks I'm good, thanks 0 Rescue your partner without having any upgrades applied. 30
Too Lazy Too Lazy 0 Defeat the bear without using any dodge rolls. 30
Can't touch this! Can't touch this! 0 Rescue your partner without ever using a melee attack. 30
Speedrun Speedrun 0 Reach the bandit boss in under 20 minutes. 30
Lucky 7 Lucky 7 0 Have 7 additional hearts. 20
The Specialist The Specialist 0 Rescue your partner in a looped run. 100

Secret Achievements

Second Boss Second Boss 0 Defeat the second boss. 50
Final Boss Final Boss 0 Defeat the final boss. 100
Death By Fire Death By Fire 0 Die from fire. 10
Death By Poison Death By Poison 0 Die from poison. 10
Death By Explosion Death By Explosion 0 Die from explosion. 10
Death By Inattention Death By Inattention 0 Die from a trap. 10
Death By A Barbarous Monster Death By A Barbarous Monster 0 Die from getting kicked by a horse. 10
Dancing With Wolves Dancing With Wolves 0 Get hunted by wolves. 10
Caught Caught 0 Let the bear step on a bear trap. 10
I Do Not Forgive… I Kill! I Do Not Forgive… I Kill! 0 Defeat the slaver without hurting any slave. 10
Why Make It Easy? Why Make It Easy? 0 Kill the final boss without the use of explosives. 10