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Massive Chalace Achievements

Find all the Massive Chalace achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Keep Defending Keep Defending 0 Defend your first Keep 10
Matchmaker Matchmaker Matchmaker Matchmaker 0 Arrange your first Marriage 10
A Legacy Begins A Legacy Begins 0 Receive your first Relic 10
Sage, right? Sage, right? 0 Appoint a Sagewright 10
The Standard of Excellence The Standard of Excellence 0 Appoint a Standard 10
BABIES! BABIES! 0 The first baby is born 10
Graduation Day Graduation Day 0 Your first hero comes of age 10
Golden Anniversary Golden Anniversary 0 Survive 50 years (Reach year 51) 20
Half Full Half Full 0 Survive 150 years (Reach year 151) 20
Fully Charged Fully Charged 0 Survive 300 years (Reach year 301) 50
Victory Victory 0 Complete the game on Normal Difficulty 50
Hard Victory Hard Victory 0 Complete the game on Hard Difficulty 50
IRON CHALICE IRON CHALICE 0 Complete an IRON game (any Difficulty) 100
IRONEST CHALICE IRONEST CHALICE 0 Complete an IRON game (Brütal Difficulty) 100
Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny 0 Build a building in every Region 10
Geriatric Brigade Geriatric Brigade 0 Beat a tactical battle where every hero is over 60 years old 20
Pounder Pounder 0 Kill 4 or more enemies with one attack 20
Iron Cactus Iron Cactus 0 Kill an enemy with a Burst Bush 20
Flawless Victory Flawless Victory 0 Beat a tactical battle without taking any damage 20
A Legacy Fulfilled A Legacy Fulfilled 0 Progress a Relic to its maximum level 30
Fire with Fire Fire with Fire 0 Deploy a Vanguard with only Cadence Weapons, Armor, and Items 40
Tactical Diversity Tactical Diversity 0 Deploy a Vanguard of 5 different classes 20
Drunken Master Drunken Master 0 Kill 5 or more enemies with a drunk hero in one tactical battle 30
Lifetime Achievement Award Lifetime Achievement Award 0 Kill 50 or more enemies with one hero 80
Foster Home Foster Home 0 Adopt multiple children into the same Keep 20
To the End! To the End! 0 Take at least 3 of your 5 initial Vanguard Bloodlines all the way to the Final Battle 80
TIMEFISTED TIMEFISTED 0 Defeat an enemy from the past 50
Brütal Victory Brütal Victory 0 Complete the game on Brütal Difficulty 100