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Active Neurons Achievements

Find all the Active Neurons achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

White neuron White neuron 0 Charge the first neuron 70
Blue neuron Blue neuron 0 Charge the second neuron 70
Yellow neuron Yellow neuron 0 Charge the third neuron 70
Sea neuron Sea neuron 0 Charge the fourth neuron 70
Pink neuron Pink neuron 0 Charge the fifth neuron 70
Purple neuron Purple neuron 0 Charge the sixth neuron 70
Green neuron Green neuron 0 Charge the seventh neuron 70
Super neuron Super neuron 0 Charge the eighth neuron 70
Brain Brain 0 Charge the brain 100
Hazard Hazard 0 Destroy the dangerous square 40
Dynamic Hazard Dynamic Hazard 0 Destroy the moving dangerous square 40
Door Door 0 Open the door 40
Dangerous door Dangerous door 0 Open the dangerous door 40
Teleport Teleport 0 Teleporting 40
Glass wall Glass wall 0 Smash not a dangerous object 40
Inertia Inertia 0 Push inert object 40
Inert teleport Inert teleport 0 Teleport inert object 40
Help Help 0 Use the solution 20