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Wintermoor Tactics Club Achievements

Full list of Wintermoor Tactics Club achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wintermoor Tactics Club has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Woman of the People Woman of the People 0 Completed all side quests helping students outside of the Tactics Club. 85
Queen of Clubs Queen of Clubs 0 Completed all side quests helping Tactics Club members. 85
It's Not Spying, It's Scouting It's Not Spying, It's Scouting 0 Spied on every club. 15
Puzzle Challenger Puzzle Challenger 0 Completed every character's Crucible Battle. 85
Puzzle Champion Puzzle Champion 0 Completed every character's Mastery Battle. 85
Classing It Up Classing It Up 0 Equipped a Specialization. 15
Party in the Club Party in the Club 0 Unlocked every party member for Tactics Club. 15
The Ultimate Tactician The Ultimate Tactician 0 Got S Rank or better in every battle. 85
More Tactics = Better Tactics More Tactics = Better Tactics 0 Used three Tactics Powers in a single turn. 15
See? Psychomancers Are OP See? Psychomancers Are OP 0 Confused 5 enemies with a single attack. 15
Collectors & Completists Collectors & Completists 0 Collected every upgrade. 85
War of the Clubs War of the Clubs 0 Completed Chapter 1. 15
PSI Snowball PSI Snowball 0 Completed Chapter 2. 15
Best Spirit Week Ever Best Spirit Week Ever 0 Completed Chapter 3. 15
Gone the Way of Disco Gone the Way of Disco 0 Completed Chapter 4. 15
The Gift of Mystery The Gift of Mystery 0 Completed Winter Break. 15
Identity Crisis Identity Crisis 0 Completed Chapter 5. 15
The Ultimate Club? The Ultimate Club? 0 Completed Chapter 6. 15
Empathy Empathy 0 Completed Chapter 7. 85

Secret Achievements

Two Thousand Words Two Thousand Words 0 Drew two different posters for different occasions. 15
Extra Cheesy Extra Cheesy 0 Wrote an essay with pizza on the brain. 15
I Saw It Coming I Saw It Coming 0 Discovered which character had been dead the whole time. 15
Just Kitten Around Just Kitten Around 0 Read every cat joke in the calendar. 15
Man of Few Words Man of Few Words 0 Heard Armando speak. 15
Fan Favorite Fan Favorite 0 Used the same villain in all of Alicia's adventures. 85
Tactical Espionage Action Tactical Espionage Action 0 Snuck past the foes you don't need to face. 15
Shock Tactics Shock Tactics 0 Dealt 20 damage or more in a single turn. 20
Q: Are We Not Helping? Q: Are We Not Helping? 0 Convinced Baphomet to KO another New Wave Appreciation Club member. 15
You Are More Than Your Club You Are More Than Your Club 0 Identified those who had lost their identity. 15