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Fight the Horror Achievements

Full list of Fight the Horror achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Fight the Horror has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Parallel universe Parallel universe 0 Whoever dies with hatred will never rest in peace 100
Beginning of the end Beginning of the end 0 Welcome to "Fight the Horror"! 10
Gluttony Gluttony 0 Excessive desire for things is considered to be “Gluttony” 30
Envy Envy 0 Resentful covetousness towards the good things of others is considered to be “Envy” 30
Greed Greed 0 Excessive desire for wealth and power is considered to be "Greed" 30
Pride Pride 0 To challenge the god is considered to be “Pride” 30
Wrath Wrath 0 Desire to punish others is considered to be “Wrath” 30
Sloth Sloth 0 Cowardice or habitual disinclination to exertion is considered to be “Sloth” 30
Lust Lust 0 Immoral desire is considered to be “Lust” 30
One way ticket One way ticket 0 There are mountains beyond mountains,and heavens beyond heavens 30
Safe for now Safe for now 0 Tomorrow is another day 10
Life betting Life betting 0 It is immoral to compete in an unfair way 10
Golden axe Golden axe 0 Fraud always comes with greed 10
Burn offerings Burn offerings 0 All that is left is black 10
Money talks Money talks 0 In the infinite reincarnation, any desire is considered to be excessive 10
From the dark From the dark 0 Every cloud has a silver lining 10
Not a potion Not a potion 0 Pigeon flies with pigeon, hawk with hawk 10
The waiting game The waiting game 0 The cannon cannot kill by itself, unless a cannon shooter is firing with it 15
Handled with care Handled with care 0 Hero and villain are the same coin viewed from the opposite sides 15
Here lies Here lies 0 Let’s perform a touching funeral for the dead! 15
Abracadabra Abracadabra 0 The revolution has not yet succeeded, work is still needed 10
The way of the other The way of the other 0 No lock ever in the world could lock down a real monster! 30
Combined force Combined force 0 The fate that one can't escape, will be broken by three! 15
Chief of human Chief of human 0 The mystery about human life has long been revealed 30
Master of spirits Master of spirits 0 Besides death, having contact with spirits is a born-with fear for humans 30
King of beasts King of beasts 0 Beasts never scheme, while they act on instinct 30
A second chance A second chance 0 Again and again 30
Arrow on the string Arrow on the string 0 Having the power to punish others of his own will is not an exclusive right of the mythological gods 30
Cheat sheet Cheat sheet 0 Most people adore authority than knowledge 30
Home advantage Home advantage 0 Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost 30
Self-deception Self-deception 0 In desperation, human beings usually resort to the supernatural 30
Rich return Rich return 0 Money talks! 30
Merit-making Merit-making 0 Any offering provided to the gods is a kind of bribery 30
Gold rush Gold rush 0 Nothing is difficult to a man who wills 30
Poison tester Poison tester 0 People are usually deceived and seduced by superficial benefits 30
Blackmail Blackmail 0 A businessman knows not to kill the golden goose so well 30
Destined romance Destined romance 0 For those who are living in pain, Longevity is just a torture 30
Run like hell Run like hell 0 All horrible things connected with death 30
Twin monsters Twin monsters 0 The winner is king, the loser an outlaw 30