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Potata: fairy flower Achievements

Find all the Potata: fairy flower achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Explorer Explorer 0 Find your first secret 40
Pie Queen Pie Queen 0 Eat 3 pies 50
Pigs Scanner Pigs Scanner 0 Find all missing pigs 50
Peace Was Never An Option Peace Was Never An Option 0 Kill 10 monsters 40
Collectioner Collectioner 0 Buy all mage items 60
Lord Of Gems Lord Of Gems 0 Collect 1000 gems 50
Oops I Did It Again Oops I Did It Again 0 Die 10 times 40
Well-fed Moles Well-fed Moles 0 Fed all moles 50
Chatterbox Chatterbox 0 Talk to all villagers 50
SMART SMART 0 Solve first puzzle without hint 50
I Hate Spiders I Hate Spiders 0 Atack spiders 20 times 40
Conquer Fear Conquer Fear 0 Take care of boss-spider 50
Too Easy Too Easy 0 Pass Droppy challenge without taken damage 60
Just In Case Just In Case 0 Resave game 10 times 40
Here Comes A New Challenger Here Comes A New Challenger 0 Pass 1 challenge 40
Not Enough Challenge Not Enough Challenge 0 Pass all challenges 60
Genius Genius 0 Solve puzzle from tuch 50
Foxey Foxey 0 Cure your totem fox 60

Secret Achievements

Mom Is Miffed Mom Is Miffed 0 Make mom sad 30
Big Pie Big Pie 0 Help mom bake big pie 50
Small Pie Small Pie 0 Help mom bake small pie 40