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The Medium Achievements

Full list of The Medium achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Medium has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Among the Ashes Among the Ashes 0 You found the Red House. 20
Insightful Insightful 0 You used Insight for at least 15 minutes. 30
Left Behind Left Behind 0 You found an Echo. 10
Calling Out to Me Calling Out to Me 0 You found all Echoes in a single playthrough. 40
I Know the Pieces Fit I Know the Pieces Fit 0 You reconstructed a Memory Shard. 10
Puzzling Out the Past Puzzling Out the Past 0 You reconstructed all Memory Shards in a single playthrough. 40
Guiding Light Guiding Light 0 You found a page from a mentor's diary. 10
A Dangerous Method A Dangerous Method 0 You found a note from a troubled man. 10
From Niwa with Love From Niwa with Love 0 You found a postcard from the groundskeeper. 10
Caught the Scent Caught the Scent 0 You found an Echo of a mysterious caller. 10
Spirit Walking Spirit Walking 0 You spent 10 minutes outside your body. 20
Phantom Phantom 0 You escaped the creature without alerting it. 40
Inner Investigator Inner Investigator 0 You inspected 25 objects in a single playthrough. 10
Dual Detective Dual Detective 0 You inspected 50 objects in a single playthrough. 30
Psychic Sleuth Psychic Sleuth 0 You inspected 100 objects in a single playthrough. 50

Secret Achievements

The Last Goodbye The Last Goodbye 0 You sent Jack's spirit away. 20
Welcome to Niwa Welcome to Niwa 0 You've reached the hotel. 20
The Cheerful Kind The Cheerful Kind 0 You met Sadness. 20
You Saw, You Ran, You Lived You Saw, You Ran, You Lived 0 You survived a monstrous encounter. 20
The Childeater The Childeater 0 You experienced your first vision of Thomas. 20
Unforgiven Unforgiven 0 You sent the Childeater away. 20
The Hound The Hound 0 You experienced your second vision of Thomas. 20
Unrepentant Unrepentant 0 You sent the Hound away. 20
The Pact The Pact 0 You uncovered the mystery of the burned down house 20
Dark Water Dark Water 0 You made it through the pump station. 20
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 0 You completed the broken mirror. 20
Can't Always Save Everyone Can't Always Save Everyone 0 You finished the game. 100
Devouring Darkness Devouring Darkness 0 You found all pages from Richard's diary in a single playthrough. 40
An Unknown Outcome An Unknown Outcome 0 You found all of Thomas' notes in a single playthrough. 40
All That's Left Unsaid All That's Left Unsaid 0 You found all of Frank's postcards in a single playthrough. 40
Followed the Trail Followed the Trail 0 You found all of Henry's Echoes in a single playthrough. 40
Famished Feline Famished Feline 0 You fed the cat in Jack's apartment. 20
Edge of Sanity Edge of Sanity 0 You acquired the razor. 20
Cut the Crap Cut the Crap 0 You acquired the bolt cutters. 20
Through the Looking Glass Through the Looking Glass 0 You used a mirror to cross over. 20
Thunderstruck Thunderstruck 0 You defeated the creature in the flooded ruins. 30
Medium Rare Medium Rare 0 You burned through the moths using Spirit Shield. 20
Conduit Conduit 0 You used Spirit Blast to create electricity. 20
Running Sim Running Sim 0 You have run 2 kilometers. 30