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Depth of Extinction Achievements

Full list of Depth of Extinction achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Depth of Extinction has 53 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Kill 10 Enemies Kill 10 Enemies 0 Kill 10 of the bad guys. 10
Kill 100 Enemies Kill 100 Enemies 0 Kill 100 of the bad guys. 20
Kill 1000 Enemies Kill 1000 Enemies 0 Kill 1000 of the bad guys. 30
Hat Trick Hat Trick 0 Kill 3 or more enemies in one mission with a single character 10
Ten Hat Tricks Ten Hat Tricks 0 Get 10 hat tricks 10
100 Hat Tricks 100 Hat Tricks 0 Get 100 hat tricks 10
The First to Fall The First to Fall 0 Lose your first character in battle. 5
The Departed The Departed 0 Lose ten character in battle. 10
One Shot, One Kill One Shot, One Kill 0 Unlock the Deadeye class. 5
Up Close and Personal Up Close and Personal 0 Unlock the Assault class. 5
Ready to Pounce Ready to Pounce 0 Unlock the Wildcat class. 5
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades 0 Unlock the Soldier class. 5
Protector of the Weak Protector of the Weak 0 Unlock the Warden class. 5
Loose Cannon Loose Cannon 0 Unlock the Wrecker class. 5
A Sailor's Life For Me A Sailor's Life For Me 0 Unlock the Swashbuckler class. 5
It's a Slaughter It's a Slaughter 0 Unlock the Butcher class. 5
Kill Shot Kill Shot 0 Max a character's Deadeye class stat. 50
Close Combat Close Combat 0 Max a character's Assault class stat. 50
Combined Arms Combined Arms 0 Max a character's Wildcat class stat. 50
Double Tap Double Tap 0 Max a character's Soldier class stat. 50
Immovable Object Immovable Object 0 Max a character's Warden class stat. 50
Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force 0 Max a character's Wrecker class stat. 50
Main Sail Main Sail 0 Max a character's Swashbuckler class stat. 50
Death Dealer Death Dealer 0 Max a character's Butcher class stat. 50
Unbreakable Unbreakable 0 Max a character's Constitution stat. 15
Sixth Sense Sixth Sense 0 Max a character's Awareness stat. 15
Quick Draw Quick Draw 0 Max a character's Reaction stat. 15
Fast and Furious Fast and Furious 0 Max a character's Speed stat. 15
True Grit True Grit 0 Max a character's Grit stat. 15
Win 10 Missions Win 10 Missions 0 Win 10 missions 10
Win 50 Missions Win 50 Missions 0 Win 50 missions 20
Win 100 Missions Win 100 Missions 0 Win 100 missions 30
Painkiller Painkiller 0 Deal 100 damage 10
War Ensemble War Ensemble 0 Deal 1000 damage 20
Damage Inc. Damage Inc. 0 Deal 5000 damage 30
Just Getting Started Just Getting Started 0 Complete the tutorial. 5
Last One Standing Last One Standing 0 Complete an objective while having only one team member left alive. 20
Army of One Army of One 0 Send only one character on a mission and succeed. 30
Liberation Liberation 0 Free a Slave 5
Obtain the Code Scrambler Obtain the Code Scrambler 0 Finish the Code Scrambler objective 5
Skull of the First Skull of the First 0 Finish the Skull of the First objective 10
The All-Seeing Eye The All-Seeing Eye 0 Finish the The All-Seeing Eye objective 15
The Greatest of Minds The Greatest of Minds 0 Finish the The Greatest of Minds objective 20
A Final Chance A Final Chance 0 Finish the A Final Chance objective 25
Find Experimental Weapon One Find Experimental Weapon One 0 Find the Plasma Rifle 10
Find Experimental Weapon Two Find Experimental Weapon Two 0 Find the Fusion Sniper 10
Find Experimental Weapon Three Find Experimental Weapon Three 0 Find the Plasma Launcher 10
Find the First Sub Bay Find the First Sub Bay 0 Find the medical sub 10
Find the Second Sub Bay Find the Second Sub Bay 0 Find the transport sub 10
Find the Third Sub Bay Find the Third Sub Bay 0 Find the medical transport sub 10
Find the Fourth Sub Bay Find the Fourth Sub Bay 0 Find the large transport sub 10
They'll Never See Me They'll Never See Me 0 Unlock the Saboteur class. 5
Sneak Attack Sneak Attack 0 Max a character's Saboteur class stat. 50