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We Were Here Together Achievements

Full list of We Were Here Together achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

We Were Here Together has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

We're in this Together! We're in this Together! 0 Invite a friend to play We Were Here Together 40

Secret Achievements

The Signal The Signal 0 Set out on a rescue mission 40
Up Down Up Down Up Down Up Down 0 Reached the top of the excavation site 40
Iceolated Iceolated 0 Discovered a way through the abandoned mine 40
Abridged Adventure Abridged Adventure 0 Discovered a way across the ravine 40
The Tower The Tower 0 Split up and infiltrated the Tower 40
The Cathedral The Cathedral 0 Split up and infiltrated the Cathedral 40
Energize Energize 0 Disable the tesla reactor 40
Shock Therapy Shock Therapy 0 Assisted in disabling the tesla reactor 40
Chromatic Apparatus Chromatic Apparatus 0 Refilled the colored tanks 40
Buoyfriends Buoyfriends 0 Get rescued from the watersilo 40
Water you waiting for Water you waiting for 0 Rescue your partner from the watersilo 40
Growing Pains Growing Pains 0 Exterminate the carnivorous weeds 40
Recipe for Disasters Recipe for Disasters 0 Created the pesticide 40
Minor Illusion Minor Illusion 0 Solve the puzzles of the Grand Alchemist 40
Reflection Reflection 0 Solve the puzzles of the Head Priest 40
Equivalent Exchange Equivalent Exchange 0 Create the Soulstone through the power of alchemy 40
Mixed Feelings Mixed Feelings 0 Assist in creating the Soulstone 40
Grand Orders Grand Orders 0 Solve the Guardians' riddle 40
Cardinal Correction Cardinal Correction 0 Solve the Guardians' riddle 40
We Were Here We Were Here 0 End a part of yourself.. 100
Together Together 0 Sacrifice a part of yourself.. 100