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Skelattack Achievements

Full list of Skelattack achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Skelattack has 10 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Human Hunter Human Hunter 0 You've defeated the first human boss! 100
Boom Boom Boom Boom 0 Way Way bestowed upon you the spicy spark of the Boom-a-rib! 100
History Buff History Buff 0 You've collected all lore and can read them in the Library. 100
Gub Gub's Hero Gub Gub's Hero 0 You've returned the kitty and earned the admiration of the big guy! 100
Keep an eye out Keep an eye out 0 The cyclops can see again! Oh glorious eyeball! 100
Bubbly Broth for the Bones Bubbly Broth for the Bones 0 All bone broths found! What a strong skelly boy you are! 100
Heavy Metal Heavy Metal 0 You've collected all 4 rare metals. We can see your sword radiating with power! 100
Dodging Death Dodging Death 0 Holy spooks! Less than 50 deaths! The Shepherd of the Damned is having a bad day. 100

Secret Achievements

Say hello to my little friend Say hello to my little friend 0 You've reunited with Imber and to make your way out of the dungeon. 100
We flame to please We flame to please 0 The source of the blue flame has been retrieved and the dungeon restored! 100