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In Sound Mind Achievements

Full list of In Sound Mind achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

In Sound Mind has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall... Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall... 0 Finish Tape 1 30
Lights Out! Lights Out! 0 Finish Tape 2 30
Take a Chill Pill Take a Chill Pill 0 Finish Tape 3 30
Flashback Flashback 0 Finish Tape 4 30
Pill Prescriber Pill Prescriber 0 Collect all pills in the supermarket level 30
Pill Pusher Pill Pusher 0 Collect all pills in the lighthouse level 30
Pill Prospector Pill Prospector 0 Collect all pills in the factory level 30
Pill Popper Pill Popper 0 Collect all pills in the forest level 30
Pharma Bro Pharma Bro 0 Collect all pills in your building 30
Audiophile Audiophile 0 Collect all vinyl records 100
GOTY 10/10 GOTY 10/10 0 Pet Tonia 15
Nope. Nope. 0 Hang up on your sneaky stalker 15
Point and Shoot Point and Shoot 0 Acquire the Pistol in your building 30
Breathing Exercises Breathing Exercises 0 Acquire the Gas Mask in your building 30
Scatterbrain Scatterbrain 0 Acquire the Shotgun in your building 30
Shopping for Achievements Shopping for Achievements 0 Push a cart into the water on the way to Homa Mart 15
Turn that Frown Upside Down Turn that Frown Upside Down 0 Give a mannequin a face 15
You're a Mean One... You're a Mean One... 0 Scare The Watcher away using the Mirror Shard 15
A Murder of Crows A Murder of Crows 0 Shoot a crow 15
Take That! Take That! 0 Damage The Shade using a weapon 15
Give Me All You Got! Give Me All You Got! 0 Shoot down a Shade projectile 15
Rodeo Clown Rodeo Clown 0 Ride The Bull for 5 seconds 15
Ole! Ole! 0 Trick The Bull into attacking an inkblot 15
Good Listener Good Listener 0 Find and listen to all of Lucas' session fragments 30
Feedback Loop Feedback Loop 0 Stun The Flash using your Radio Device 15
High Five for Dummies High Five for Dummies 0 Give Dave a high five while fighting for your mind 15
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded 0 Find all weapons in the game 40
Well Medicated Well Medicated 0 Find all pills in the game 100

Secret Achievements

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome Improvise. Adapt. Overcome 0 Finish Tape 5 30
Patients and Grace Patients and Grace 0 Finish In Sound Mind 100
Access Granted Access Granted 0 Access top secret Mayer lab 30
Unsung Hero Unsung Hero 0 Find Rosemary's secret song 30