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Demolish & Build Achievements

Full list of Demolish & Build achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Demolish & Build has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Get Fired Get Fired 0 You get fired! 15
Mine craft Mine craft 0 You own all mines! 40
Bulldozer Bulldozer 0 You bought bulldozers! 30
Contract Toilet Contract Toilet 0 You destroyed them all! 30
Backhoe Backhoe 0 You own Backhoe loader! 30
Big Bulldozer Big Bulldozer 0 You own big Bulldozer! 30
Cargo Truck Cargo Truck 0 You own Cargo Truck everywhere! 80
Crawler Crawler 0 You bought Crawler in Nevada and Island! 50
Dump truck Dump truck 0 You Bought dump truck in Nevada, Alaska and Bavaria! 50
Excavator Excavator 0 You own Excavator in all regions! 65
Road Roller Road Roller 0 You own Road Roller! 50
Robot Robot 0 You bought Robot in Nevada and Island! 50
Skid Loader Skid Loader 0 You own Skid Loader in Alaska! 50
Tower Crane Tower Crane 0 You own Tower Crane in Island! 50
Brick Houses Brick Houses 0 You own brick houses! 50
Concrete houses Concrete houses 0 You bought two small concrete properties in Island! 50
Garages Garages 0 You bought garages in Alaska! 50
Hangars Hangars 0 You bought Hangars in Alaska! 50
Hotels Hotels 0 You bought Hotels! 50
Parkings Parkings 0 You own two Parkings in Nevada! 50
Recreational plots Recreational plots 0 You own two recreational plots in Bavaria! 50
Wooden houses Wooden houses 0 You own two houses in Nevada! 30