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Little Big Workshop Achievements

Full list of Little Big Workshop achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Little Big Workshop has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Steve's Best Friend Steve's Best Friend 0 Completed Crazy Steve's final challenge. 30
Hi Steve! Hi Steve! 0 Unlocked Crazy Steve. 20
G-Man G-Man 0 Completed IncoInc's final challenge. 30
Shady deals Shady deals 0 Unlocked IncoInc. 20
WROOOOM! WROOOOM! 0 Completed Mitzurella's final challenge. 30
Oil stains Oil stains 0 Unlocked Mitzurella. 20
Totally ripped Totally ripped 0 Completed Bros N Biceps' final challenge. 30
Get PUMPED! Get PUMPED! 0 Unlocked Bros N Biceps. 20
Furniture dominance Furniture dominance 0 Completed Swekia's final challenge. 30
Generic furniture company Generic furniture company 0 Unlocked Swekia. 20
Explorer Explorer 0 Unlocked all plots. 40
Caffeine overdose Caffeine overdose 0 Have three break rooms at the same time. 20
Horrible working conditions Horrible working conditions 0 Have five collapsed workers at the same time. 20
Sweatshop Sweatshop 0 Have 20 basic workstations at the same time. 30
Center of attention Center of attention 0 Link a billboard to five workstations. 20
Expansions! Expansions! 0 Expand your factory by building a new room. 20
Brand name product Brand name product 0 Sell a product worth more than 2500. 20
Massive order Massive order 0 Deliver more than 50 products to the market. 40
Mastermind Mastermind 0 Plan a product before accepting a contract. 20
Educated foreman Educated foreman 0 Complete the tutorial. 20
Starting out Starting out 0 Have a factory older than 10 days. 20
Senior position Senior position 0 Have a factory older than 180 days. 30
Eventful year Eventful year 0 Have a factory older than 365 days. 40
Plastic specialist Plastic specialist 0 Research your way to plastic production excellence. 20
Wood Specialist Wood Specialist 0 Research your way to wood production excellence. 20
Metal Specialist Metal Specialist 0 Research your way to metal production excellence. 20
Tycoon Tycoon 0 Reach factory level 40. 40
Show me the money! Show me the money! 0 Raise current funds to 100.000. 30
Swimming in money Swimming in money 0 Raise current funds to 1.000.000. 50
Creative accounting Creative accounting 0 Survive having less than zero money. 20
Too cool for school Too cool for school 0 Skip the tutorial 10
Bronze Milestone Bronze Milestone 0 Complete the bronze milestone set 30
Silver Milestone Silver Milestone 0 Complete the silver milestone set 40
Gold Milestone Gold Milestone 0 Complete the gold milestone set 50
Champion Milestone Champion Milestone 0 Complete the champion milestone set 60
Lazy Pete Lazy Pete 0 In any given week he will do about 15 minutes of real actual work. 20