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Welcome to Elk Achievements

Full list of Welcome to Elk achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Welcome to Elk has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Meet Mister Bo Meet Mister Bo 0 Received the “Meet Mister Bo” bottle story. 25
She Is Someone She Is Someone 0 Received the “She is Someone” bottle story. 25
Killing Klumben Killing Klumben 0 Received the “Killing Klumben” bottle story. 25
When a Musox Walks On When a Musox Walks On 0 Received the “When a Musox Walks On” bottle story. 25
Bobbi’s Obituary Bobbi’s Obituary 0 Received the “Bobbi’s Obituary” bottle story. 25
Sue, George and The Bikers Sue, George and The Bikers 0 Received the “Sue, George and The Bikers” bottle story. 25
Out of Beer, Out of Here Out of Beer, Out of Here 0 Received the “Out of Beer, Out of Here” bottle story. 25
The Frozen Man The Frozen Man 0 Received “The Frozen Man” bottle story. 25
When Anders Died When Anders Died 0 Received the “When Anders Died” bottle story. 25
Meet Astrid’s Dad Meet Astrid’s Dad 0 Listened to Astrid’s dad tell his true story. 80
Meet Astrid’s Mum Meet Astrid’s Mum 0 Listened to Astrid’s Mum tell her true story. 80
Meet Astrid’s Brother Meet Astrid’s Brother 0 Listened to Astrid’s brother tell his true story. 80
I Can’t Swim I Can’t Swim 0 Found the hidden life ring. 30
Look, shrimp! Look, shrimp! 0 Found the secret puke button. 30
Murray’s Poster Murray’s Poster 0 Found Murray’s poster. 30
Dennis’ Record Dennis’ Record 0 Found Dennis’ record. 30
Simon’s Note Simon’s Note 0 Found Simon’s note. 30
Karina’s Sidesparker Karina’s Sidesparker 0 Found Karina’s sidesparker. 30
Anne Louise’s car “Marina” Anne Louise’s car “Marina” 0 Found Anne Louise’s car called “Marina”. 30
Mikkel’s Noisecomb Flyer Mikkel’s Noisecomb Flyer 0 Found Mikkel’s Noisecomb flyer. 30
Andreas’ Jukebox Andreas’ Jukebox 0 Found Andreas’ jukebox. 30
“Ynglet” by Nifflas “Ynglet” by Nifflas 0 Found Nifflas’ awesome game “Ynglet.” 30
What a Good Dog What a Good Dog 0 Found the photo of Hotdog. 30
Astrid’s Famous Hotdog Recipe Astrid’s Famous Hotdog Recipe 0 Found Astrid’s Hotdog recipe. 30
Open The Door Open The Door 0 Discovered the source of Elk’s stories. 175