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PHOGS! Achievements

Full list of PHOGS! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

PHOGS! has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Need To Dig a Hole Now... Need To Dig a Hole Now... 0 Found all of the Bones 30
PHorager PHorager 0 Found All the Boingles in Food World 30
Sleep Walker Sleep Walker 0 Found All Boingles in Sleep World 30
Toybox Trawler Toybox Trawler 0 Found All Boingles in Play World 30
Bloodhound Bloodhound 0 Collected Everything 90
Well Dressed Well Dressed 0 Bought Every Hat 30
PHAT PHOG PHAT PHOG 0 What happened to all that food…? 15
Good PHOGGO Good PHOGGO 0 OOHH! Belly Rubs! 15
Sheep PHOG Sheep PHOG 0 Herded all the Fluffy Munchlets back into their pens. 15
PHood for Thought PHood for Thought 0 Became the Champion of the Fair 15
All the Extras All the Extras 0 Sprinkled some marshmallows into the Mountaintop Soup 15
Break Fast Break Fast 0 Caught a Slice of Toast mid-air 30
Invisible Ink Invisible Ink 0 Uncovered one of Sleep World’s DARKEST Secrets 30
The Perfect Heist The Perfect Heist 0 Rescued the King Glorb without getting caught 30
PHOG Overboard PHOG Overboard 0 Rowing can be pretty dangerous... 15
Tuned Out Tuned Out 0 You're just not loud enough to wake them up 15
Respect your Elders Respect your Elders 0 Showed Granny Spider your appreciation 15
Comforting Presence Comforting Presence 0 A hug makes everything better 15
Look Both Ways Look Both Ways 0 They should really install some level crossings on this beach... 15
PHORE! PHORE! 0 Got a hole in one 30
The Stuff Of Nightmares The Stuff Of Nightmares 0 In Play World Level 3, Rang the Bell without losing the Glorb 30
Well Balanced Well Balanced 0 Rode off into the sunset without a scratch 30
Greyhound Greyhound 0 Won the Space Race 15
Big PHOG, Little PHOG Big PHOG, Little PHOG 0 Got swallowed by a Worm with one big head and one small head. 15
Hard to Swallow Hard to Swallow 0 How do the Worms even digest these? 15
Guide PHOG Guide PHOG 0 Saw all the nice spots that the Phoggyverse has to offer 25

Secret Achievements

Food Friend Food Friend 0 Brought Glut Tony back down to size 90
Sleep Saviour Sleep Saviour 0 Woke the Queen of Sleep from her Nightmare 90
Play Pal Play Pal 0 Released Fredrick from the magic spell of his wand 90
Welcome Home PHOGS Welcome Home PHOGS 0 Found your friends 90