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Fantasy General II: Invasion Achievements

Full list of Fantasy General II: Invasion achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Fantasy General II: Invasion has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

1 Up 1 Up 0 Level up any unit. 15
Veteran Veteran 0 Reach max level with a normal unit. 50
Fabled Hero Fabled Hero 0 Reach max level with a hero. 50
Executioner Executioner 0 Kill 20 enemies with the same unit. 30
With a Little Help from my Friends With a Little Help from my Friends 0 Hire a mercenary. 15
Arm Up Arm Up 0 Upgrade a unit. 15
Assassination Assassination 0 Kill a unit with an ambush. 30
Backfired Backfired 0 Kill a unit that is attacking you. 15
Let’s Call It a Draw Let’s Call It a Draw 0 Two units kill each other during an attack. 30
Close Call Close Call 0 Survive an attack with 1 HP left. 15
Efficient Magic Efficient Magic 0 Attack a unit with magic that has reached 0 morale. 15
Rock beats Scissors Rock beats Scissors 0 Attack a fortified unit with a siege attack. 15
Peekaboo, I See You Peekaboo, I See You 0 Reveal a hidden ambusher without being ambushed. 15
New Identity New Identity 0 Rename a unit. 15
Mine! Mine! 0 Loot an artefact from a killed enemy. 15
Surrounded Surrounded 0 Make an enemy unit surrender. 30
Scaredy-Cat Scaredy-Cat 0 Make an enemy hero flee. 50
Invasion Warrior Invasion Warrior 0 Complete "Invasion" campaign on easy or harder. 15
Invasion Hero Invasion Hero 0 Complete "Invasion" campaign on normal or harder. 30
Invasion General Invasion General 0 Complete "Invasion" campaign on hard. 55
Released Released 0 Save a charmed unit by releasing the charm. 15
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power 0 Spent your first skill point. 15
The Right to Arm Bears The Right to Arm Bears 0 Upgrade a unit to Werebears. 15
I am LEGEND! I am LEGEND! 0 Complete "Invasion" campaign on Legend difficulty. 100
Invasion Challenger Invasion Challenger 0 Complete "Invasion" campaign on challenging or harder. 30
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden 0 Complete "Invasion" campaign in Iron Maiden mode. 30
Spirit Talker Spirit Talker 0 Complete an Onslaught campaign with Ailsa. 15
High King High King 0 Complete an Onslaught campaign with Falirson. 15
Imperial General Imperial General 0 Complete an Onslaught campaign with Filos. 15
Pumping Iron Pumping Iron 0 Train the same unit 5 times. 15
Curse Veteran Curse Veteran 0 Complete "The Curse" on Veteran or harder. 15
Curse Legend Curse Legend 0 Complete "The Curse" on Very Hard. 30

Secret Achievements

The First Raid The First Raid 0 Complete "Thieves at Night" 15
Through the Woods Through the Woods 0 Complete "Battle for Heartspire" 15
The Thing The Thing 0 Complete "Clanmeet" 15
Ship Ahoy! Ship Ahoy! 0 Complete "Krell's Landing" 15
There and Back Again There and Back Again 0 Leave the Sunken Lands. 15
The Right to Bear Arms The Right to Bear Arms 0 Unlock the Bear Mount. 15
Winging It Winging It 0 Unlock the Dragon Mount. 30
Against All Odds Against All Odds 0 Kept Ulnar until the end. 50