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It Lurks Below Achievements

Full list of It Lurks Below achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

It Lurks Below has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Most Vile The Most Vile 0 Kill Commander Vile. 30
Unique Complete Unique Complete 0 Loot a unique item. 30
The Most Bling The Most Bling 0 Each equipped armor slot has a socketed gem. 30
Princess of Lurking Princess of Lurking 0 Create a character with bun hair. 20
Cables Are Forever Cables Are Forever 0 Create a character with one eye. 20
Multiple Dimensions! Multiple Dimensions! 0 Reset the dungeon. 50
Dapper Dapper 0 Equip a cosmetic hat. 20
Hoarders Unanimous Solutions Hoarders Unanimous Solutions 0 Sell 100 items for money. 100
Handle It Handle It 0 Equip a cosmetic whelp pet. 100
It Had To Be Slimes It Had To Be Slimes 0 Kill 200 small slimes of any color. 100
Bottom Dweller Bottom Dweller 0 Reach the bottom of the dungeon. 20
Berries4Life Berries4Life 0 Plant 20 berry bushes. 50
Which Portal Is This? Which Portal Is This? 0 Enter a portal. 20
You're Digging This! You're Digging This! 0 Craft every type of pickaxe. 100
Enlightenment Enlightenment 0 Activate 10 shrines. 50
Well Read Well Read 0 Use 10 enchantment books. 100
Foodie! Foodie! 0 Cook 50 food recipes. 50
Bring On The Blood Rain Bring On The Blood Rain 0 Defeat It. 50
Moooo For Me Moooo For Me 0 Create the barn. 30
Sharing Sharing 0 Create a shared town. 30