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Brunch Club Achievements

Full list of Brunch Club achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Brunch Club has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Over Easy Over Easy 0 Complete all levels on Easy difficulty 50
Recalled Recalled 0 Complete Toastal Recall on Hard Difficulty 50
Welcome To The Party Pal Welcome To The Party Pal 0 Complete Fry Hard on Hard Difficulty 50
So Fetch So Fetch 0 Complete Mean Grills on Hard Difficulty 50
Eleanor Eleanor 0 Complete Scone In 60 Seconds on Hard Difficulty 50
Winter is Coming Winter is Coming 0 Complete Game of Cones on Hard Difficulty 50
Now You Don’t Now You Don’t 0 Complete Now You Sashimi on Hard Difficulty 50
Let Them Fight Let Them Fight 0 Complete a match of Face Off 20
Come On And Slam Come On And Slam 0 Compete in the arena in Riceball Rumble 20
That’s A Tasty Burger That’s A Tasty Burger 0 Cook 50 Burgers 50
I Like The Way You Fry Boy I Like The Way You Fry Boy 0 Cook 50 Hotdogs 50
You Better Believe It You Better Believe It 0 Butter 50 slices of Toast 50
Why Soy Serious Why Soy Serious 0 Empty 10 Soy Bottles 10
Fry, Fry and Fry Again Fry, Fry and Fry Again 0 Fail 25 times overall 10
Practice Makes Pancakes Practice Makes Pancakes 0 Fail 50 times overall 30
The Witwikky Motto The Witwikky Motto 0 Fail 100 times overall 100
It’s October 3rd It’s October 3rd 0 Play the game on October 3rd 100
On Wednesday We Wear Pink On Wednesday We Wear Pink 0 Play Mean Grills on a Wednesday 40
Push It Real Good Push It Real Good 0 Knock over and empty 10 Salt and Pepper shakers 20
Walk of Fame Walk of Fame 0 Earn 3 stars in all levels 100
Simon Says Simon Says 0 Complete With A Vengeance on Hard Difficulty 50