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Giraffe and Annika Achievements

Full list of Giraffe and Annika achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Giraffe and Annika has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Sneaking in Sneaking in 0 Obtained the key to Lisa's house 15
Cute bag Cute bag 0 Obtained the bag 15
Forest explorer Forest explorer 0 Cleared the Forest Dungeon 15
Beach Resort Beach Resort 0 Cleared the Ocean Dungeon 15
I Love Carts I Love Carts 0 Cleared the Fire Dungeon 15
Memories Memories 0 Cleared dungeon 4 15
And then... And then... 0 Cleared dungeon 5 15
Rhythm Beginner Rhythm Beginner 0 Cleared all rhythm games on normal mode or higher 30
Feeling the Beat Feeling the Beat 0 Cleared all rhythm games on hard mode 30
Rank A Rank A 0 Cleared all rhythm games on all difficulties at A & up 30
Rhythm Expert Rhythm Expert 0 Cleared every hard rhythm game on S rank 80
Perfect Rhythm Perfect Rhythm 0 Cleared every rhythm game with no misses 80
Bonus Drawing Bonus Drawing 0 Obtained 3 bonus drawings from rhythm games 30
Bonus Drawing Collector Bonus Drawing Collector 0 Obtained all bonus drawings from rhythm games 70
Meowsterpiece Fan Meowsterpiece Fan 0 Collected 6 meowsterpieces 15
Meowsterpiece Freak Meowsterpiece Freak 0 Collected 12 meowsterpieces 15
Meowsterpiece Hunter Meowsterpiece Hunter 0 Collected 18 meowsterpieces 15
Meowsterpiece Maniac Meowsterpiece Maniac 0 Collected 24 meowsterpieces 30
Meowsterpiece Master Meowsterpiece Master 0 Collected all meowsterpieces 80
I Love Swimming! I Love Swimming! 0 Changed into the swimsuit 15
Chasing the butterfly Chasing the butterfly 0 Saw the special idle animation 15
Refreshed! Refreshed! 0 Went into the bathroom 5 times 15
Diva of Spica Island Diva of Spica Island 0 Sang all of the songs 15
Hit it to your heart's content! Hit it to your heart's content! 0 Hit every drum 15
Don't miss out! Don't miss out! 0 Stuck your face into every photo stand-in 15
Stroke of Luck Stroke of Luck 0 Drew an 'Amazing Fortune' result 15
Wellside Saver Wellside Saver 0 Saw every conversation with Mrs. Save 15
Photogenic Annika Photogenic Annika 0 Took 50 or more photos 15
Completely Full Completely Full 0 Ate 50 foods 15
Connect them all! Connect them all! 0 Collected every mysterious paper scrap 30
Special Delivery Special Delivery 0 Delivered something Giraffe forgot 80
Speedster Speedster 0 Beat the game within 4.5 hours 50
Gir-Ann Master Gir-Ann Master 0 Unlocked all achievements 80