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Rusty Gun Achievements

Full list of Rusty Gun achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rusty Gun has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First blood First blood 0 Killed your first enemy 10
A juice for oldmen A juice for oldmen 0 Collected 50 bottles 50
What month is it? What month is it? 0 Found a calendar 50
A long journey starts here A long journey starts here 0 Completed first level 20
I know there is more! I know there is more! 0 Killed 30 enemies 30
Road killer Road killer 0 Completed the car level 50
Who framed... this freak? Who framed... this freak? 0 Killed the first boss 50
Left+A+B+C Left+A+B+C 0 Performed 50 slides 30
I'm not tired at all I'm not tired at all 0 Killed 72 enemies 72
Old but not obsolete Old but not obsolete 0 Killed 150 enemies 150
Round as a table Round as a table 0 Killed the second boss 51
Sk8ter boi Sk8ter boi 0 Completed the level on skateboard 50
The one who stinks The one who stinks 0 Killed the third boss 52
Getting high, crouching low Getting high, crouching low 0 Don't talk, just crouch till you drop. 44 times, to be exact 44
Rock the boat! Rock the boat! 0 Completeв the level on boat 50
Ice ice baby! Ice ice baby! 0 Killed the fourth boss 51
Old jumper Old jumper 0 Jumped 200 times 30
No country for old man No country for old man 0 Died 15 times 30
It's only a scratch It's only a scratch 0 Blowed up on three mines 30
Old man gone mad Old man gone mad 0 Completed the game 100