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Manifold Garden Achievements

Full list of Manifold Garden achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Manifold Garden has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Trust Fall Trust Fall 0 Fall from a Great Height 15
Witness a Laser Witness a Laser 0 Activate a Laser Beam 25
Honey, I Shrunk Myself Honey, I Shrunk Myself 0 Shrink Down Into a Small Model of a Level 40
Let There Be Darkness Let There Be Darkness 0 Enter the Dark World 40
A Walk on the Dark Side A Walk on the Dark Side 0 Collapse the Dark World 40
Plant a Seed Plant a Seed 0 Grow a Tree 25
Tree Tree Evolution Tree Tree Evolution 0 Grow a Double Gravity Tree 25
Discover Hydroenergy Discover Hydroenergy 0 Power on a Water Wheel 25
A Whole World in Your Hands A Whole World in Your Hands 0 Grow a World 40
Homecoming Homecoming 0 Open a Pathway to Return to an Earlier Level 40
Thinking With Portals Thinking With Portals 0 Solve a Puzzle Involving Portals 50
Color Change Color Change 0 Change the Color of a Cube 40
Waterbender Waterbender 0 Redirect Water Using a Cube 40
Non-Euclidean Fluid Mechanics Non-Euclidean Fluid Mechanics 0 Redirect Water Through a Portal 40
Blue Complete Blue Complete 0 Complete a Blue Level 40
Red Complete Red Complete 0 Complete a Red Level 40
Yellow Complete Yellow Complete 0 Complete a Yellow Level 40
Orange Complete Orange Complete 0 Complete an Orange Level 40
Purple Complete Purple Complete 0 Complete a Purple Level 40
Green Complete Green Complete 0 Complete a Green Level 40
Collect the Rainbow Collect the Rainbow 0 Beat One Level of Each Color 50
Final Countdown Final Countdown 0 Open the Final Door 50
Transcended Transcended 0 See the Ending 75
The Game is Not Enough The Game is Not Enough 0 Beat Every Level 100