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Biped Achievements

Full list of Biped achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Biped has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Step First Step 0 Completed Training 2P level 30
Dense Forest Dense Forest 0 Completed Dense Forest 2P level 30
Cactus Vally Cactus Vally 0 Completed Cactus Vally 2P level 35
Rainy Ruins Rainy Ruins 0 Completed Rainy Ruins 2P level 40
Snowy Peak Snowy Peak 0 Completed Snowy Peak 2P level 40
High Treetops High Treetops 0 Completed High Treetops 2P level 45
Blue Rapids Blue Rapids 0 Completed Blue Rapids 2P level 50
Sunset Ridge Sunset Ridge 0 Completed Sunset Ridge 2P level 55
Speed walkers Speed walkers 0 Completed Rainy Ruins in 15 mins. 53
Robot lives matter too Robot lives matter too 0 Completed Sunset Ridge (2P) with lese than 10 death 100
Telepathic Telepathic 0 Completed 10 challenges with harmony greater than 90% 100
Trend hunters Trend hunters 0 Unlocked all the outfits in the store 150
I can do this alone I can do this alone 0 Completed all the 1P levels 72
Master biped Master biped 0 Completed all the Pro levels 100
Reaching for the stars Reaching for the stars 0 Collected all the stars in all the levels (Total Starts: 115) 100