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Word Sudoku by POWGI Achievements

Full list of Word Sudoku by POWGI achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Word Sudoku by POWGI has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A Welcoming Start A Welcoming Start 0 Solve WELCOMING 10
A Wonderful Discovery A Wonderful Discovery 0 Solve WONDERFUL and DISCOVERY 40
An Education or a Formality An Education or a Formality 0 Solve EDUCATION and FORMALITY 40
Guidepost Found Guidepost Found 0 Solve GUIDEPOST 10
Wordsmith Wordsmith 0 Solve WORDSMITH 10
Patchwork Carpeting Patchwork Carpeting 0 Solve PATCHWORK and CARPETING 40
Secondary Level Secondary Level 0 Solve SECONDARY 10
Strangely Embracing Strangely Embracing 0 Solve STRANGELY and EMBRACING 40
Outwardly Awestruck Outwardly Awestruck 0 Solve OUTWARDLY and AWESTRUCK 40
Supernova! Supernova! 0 Solve SUPERNOVA 10
Jubilated Bystander Jubilated Bystander 0 Solve JUBILATED and BYSTANDER 40
Adjusting Difficulty Adjusting Difficulty 0 Solve ADJUSTING and DIFFICULTY 10
Emulating Universal Benchmark Emulating Universal Benchmark 0 Solve EMULATING, UNIVERSAL and BENCHMARK 90
Splintery Shipwreck Splintery Shipwreck 0 Solve SPLINTERY and SHIPWRECK 40
I'd Rather Be Playing... I'd Rather Be Playing... 0 Solve MINECRAFT 10
Lunchtime Anchovies Lunchtime Anchovies 0 Solve LUNCHTIME and ANCHOVIES 40
Adoringly Triumphal Adoringly Triumphal 0 Solve ADORINGLY and TRIUMPHAL 40
Skeptical? Skeptical? 0 Solve SKEPTICAL 10
Defiantly Betraying Adversity Defiantly Betraying Adversity 0 Solve DEFIANTLY, BETRAYING and ADVERSITY 90
Exploding Chemistry Exploding Chemistry 0 Solve EXPLODING and CHEMISTRY 40
Combating Dangerous Machinery Combating Dangerous Machinery 0 Solve COMBATING, DANGEROUS and MACHINERY 90
A Real Humdinger A Real Humdinger 0 Solve HUMDINGER 10
Even Ghastlier Even Ghastlier 0 Solve GHASTLIER 10
Hideously Nefarious Scoundrel Hideously Nefarious Scoundrel 0 Solve HIDEOUSLY, NEFARIOUS and SCOUNDREL 90
Anxiously Trembling Anxiously Trembling 0 Solve ANXIOUSLY and TREMBLING 40
Pulsating Dystopian Nightmare Pulsating Dystopian Nightmare 0 Solve PULSATING, DYSTOPIAN and NIGHTMARE 90
Sudoku Champions! Sudoku Champions! 0 Solve CHAMPIONS 10