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Knights and Bikes Achievements

Full list of Knights and Bikes achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Knights and Bikes has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Keepy-Uppies Keepy-Uppies 0 Keep Nessa's Throwing Disc away from her for 5 consecutive kicks 30
Leave 'em hanging Leave 'em hanging 0 Avoid High-Fiving for 30 seconds when the other player is calling for it 10
Cutting it fine Cutting it fine 0 High-Five when both players have a single point of health left 10
They Live They Live 0 Wake up your knocked out friend 10
Saddle Up Saddle Up 0 Unlock Bikes for both Demelza and Nessa 10
Coming of Age Coming of Age 0 Remove your Stabiliser Wheels 10
Prawn Cocktail Prawn Cocktail 0 Drench all the Shrimps in the Harbour 30
Pier Pressure Pier Pressure 0 Complete the Harbor arcade 30
Scatter Shot Scatter Shot 0 Damage an Enemy with a splash of Goose Poop 50
Head Space Head Space 0 Pose in the Cut-Out Standee in the Theme Park 10
Sword In the Scone Sword In the Scone 0 Correctly fill the Jam Scone 10
Bloomin' Lovely Bloomin' Lovely 0 Water all the Seeds in the Theme Park 30
Hay, you guys! Hay, you guys! 0 Wear the Haybale Armour 10
Charge!! Charge!! 0 Boost into 10 Enemies on your bike 30
Rude Spelling Rude Spelling 0 Spell "Bum" using the Wizard Tower 30
She made me do it! She made me do it! 0 Attack an Enemy with a possessed Enemy 30
Salt-N-Pepper Shakers Salt-N-Pepper Shakers 0 Have a dance party with 3 Enemies 30
Top of the Pops Top of the Pops 0 Possess a Water Ballon and a Stereo with Demelza's Game Gauntlet 30
> Run The Gauntlet > Run The Gauntlet 0 Possess all the different types of Enemies with Demelza's Game Gauntlet 100
Pyramid Headland Pyramid Headland 0 Activate the secret Pyramid in the Golf Course 10
Diamond in the Rough Diamond in the Rough 0 Find 200 Loot in the Bushes 30
Tour de Penfurzy Tour de Penfurzy 0 Cycle 100 miles 30
Foie Gras Foie Gras 0 Feed Honkers 10 times 30

Secret Achievements

New Best Friends New Best Friends 0 Complete Day 1 10
Caravan Cache Caravan Cache 0 Find all the Treasure Tins In The Caravan Park 30
Links Loot Links Loot 0 Find all the Treasure Tins In The Golf Course 30
The Cursed Treasure The Cursed Treasure 0 Complete Day 2 10
Wilderness Wonga Wilderness Wonga 0 Find all the Treasure Tins In The Wilderness 30
Harbour Hoard Harbour Hoard 0 Find all the Treasure Tins In The Harbour 30
Piskie Prize Piskie Prize 0 Find all the Treasure Tins In The Theme Park 30
The Book The Book 0 Complete Day 3 10
Scrap Yard Stash Scrap Yard Stash 0 Find all the Treasure Tins In The Scrap Yard 30
Hunting For Clues Hunting For Clues 0 Complete Day 4 30
Puffins Plunder Puffins Plunder 0 Find all the Treasure Tins In The Quarry 30
Uphill Struggle Uphill Struggle 0 Complete Day 5 30
New Adventures New Adventures 0 Complete Day 6 100