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CrossKrush Achievements

Find all the CrossKrush achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Meet my cane Meet my cane 0 Destroy a car using your cane 15
Citizen Cane Citizen Cane 0 Destroy 5 cars using your cane (accumulative) 30
Crosshit Crosshit 0 Destroy a car at the last moment, right on top of the crosswalk 30
Laser number 5 Laser number 5 0 Destroy 5 cars with 1 laser shot 40
Big destruction Big destruction 0 Destroy 10 cars in BIG size (accumulative) 90
No insurance No insurance 0 Destroy 3 ambulances (accumulative) 30
No more rolling No more rolling 0 Destroy a roller 30
Rolled over Rolled over 0 Get killed by a roller 15
Give me 10 Give me 10 0 Make a x10 combo 90
Give me 20 Give me 20 0 Make a x20 combo 90
Perfect level Perfect level 0 Get "+250" or "+500" bonus score in ALL waves in a single level 90
Perfect will Perfect will 0 Get "+250" or "+500" bonus score on the last wave of Level 3, playing in "Last Will" mode 90
Incredible wave Incredible wave 0 Get "+500" bonus score anywhere 90
Incredible will Incredible will 0 Get "+500" bonus score on the last wave of Level 8, playing in "Last Will" mode 90
Essential worker Essential worker 0 Pick a health powerup without destroying the ambulance that carries it 90
My cane is my best friend My cane is my best friend 0 Reach 1000 points in damage with cane hits (accumulative) 90